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    most likely breakup reason

    Bro, I've been in your situation... She's not going to change.. If you've been together 2 months and she doesn't seem affectionate already, then move on and find another before you get hurt. Girls like that act cold and don't usually change. Start giving her less attention and I guarantee she'll...
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    Quick tip for the first kiss

    Don't ask her.. Just look into her eyes, lift her lips up to yours by her chin, slowly go in, close your eyes, and kiss her... That simple. If she doesn't like it, she'll just turn her head..
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    All women are sluts

    I have gone out with American girls as well as Asians who have lived practically their whole life in Asia, and I gotta tell you something. They're both just as bad. Race doesn't determine how faithful a girl will be. It all depends on her, and partially on her family upbringing... One of the...
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    She can't spend time with me.

    You're dating her but she can't go out? She can't make time for you, and instead talks to her friends? Doesn't sound like she's too serious about the relationship, bro.
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    Changes in the face due to working out?

    Yeah I agree... Although the sides of his jaw do look better..
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    Asking to kiss her

    Okay, I've got experience in this and I know that asking for the kiss isn't the way to go. When you feel that she's really into you as you are into her.. Just lean in and kiss her!
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    My problem: Im good looking

    The same thing happened when I was in Seattle, Washington and California last summer.
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    My problem: Im good looking

    Common guys! If you're good looking you won't have much trouble getting with girls. Just believe in yourself and approach (you already have the looks so it's just a matter of you not ****ing it up). If you're good looking, just be kind yet strong and confident. Using of C+F or joking about how...
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    My problem: Im good looking

    Wow, I keep seeing these threads where people claim to be "too good looking." Tons of beautiful people on this forum! You guys all should have no problem with women! *sigh* Post a pic as proof before you talk about how good looking you are...
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    GF extremely independent / causing problems

    My current g/f is extremely independent as well... And she isn't one who likes to give PDA's either. But when we're alone, she's loving. At first it bothered me, and her quiet personality drove me crazy. The girls I'm used to are usually all over me, but not this one. I dumped her, and we both...
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    The leather jacket

    Hey bro, Nice Jacket, but that style of leather jacket doesn't quite fit me, but looks like it'll fit yours. I own a leather jacket and I get a lot of compliments on it.. Hehe, I'm sure you'll get the same! Leather jackets are pretty awesome and yeah, they never go out of style!
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    Do you judge your looks by pictures or the mirror?

    I have been told I look better in real life than in pictures by girls, although I don't really look bad in pictures as soon as I learned how to pose for a picture without looking like a dork. Some people look better in their pictures than in person, while for others it seems to be the opposite...
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    Video: Matt Damon storms off of Jimmy Kimmel set

    Hehe, doesn't really matter much to me. Looks like some pretty decent acting.. haha I just really enjoyed the Bourne Identity and Supremacy. I can't wait for the Bourne Ultimatum to come out.
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    Do you judge your looks by pictures or the mirror?

    I've had pictures of me when I was not looking and they actually look better than when i'm prepared and pose for a picture... I must just suck at posing.. haha
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    Do you judge your looks by pictures or the mirror?

    I'm sure you guys have noticed how different you look in pictures and how you view yourself in a mirror. What do you use to base your appearance on, and do you think you look better in the mirror or in pictures?
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    Poor Nick, he misses Jess

    Exactly... He'll sell more songs about him crying over Jessica than if he wrote a song about him finding someone else already because chicks dig him and buy his music... All the more since they feel sympathy for him.. It's all a front for the money...
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    That's your decision.. One thing will lead to another and there's this thing called Karma.. Only you can make the decision on if you want to take the chance of screwing up a 2 year relationship with some other chick who doesn't have enough respect for relationships enough to let you cheat with her.
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    IM losing interest in G/F

    Did she give attention to other guys (flirting)? That's what my last girlfriend did and it ****ed up my attraction for her. She didn't cheat on me, but I wasn't gonna let her disrespect me like that, especially when I saw her flirting with other guys practically in front of me. It bugged me that...
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    Treat Her Like The Girl You Don't Want

    Haha, the thread starter has a really good point... Yesterday I did something like this with my girlfriend. She was playing the game of hard-to-get and I got tired of it. She would talk to her guy friends more than she would to me, but I don't really care that much, so long as she responds to...
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    GF Studying Abroad

    I moved on...