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    What music Yall Bumpin???

    Hed PE Cypress Hill Parkway Drive Ice Cube
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    Avoid any women who take selfies

    why do you think I go for the older ones? I may only be 23 but I can pull off 29 with ease YAAAY for beards and a big build.
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    Breaking into new social circles?

    Two words... FRIEND ZONE!!!! now the generic reply is over and done with look at it this way. yeah sure she might invite you to parties and what not but who does she introduce you to her friends as? you guessed it " hey guys this is AFC he is a really nice guy" So that is generally going to...
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    What is your definition of a good woman?

    she keeps your belly full and your balls empty.
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    The Modern Slut phase

    A key that opens many locks is a master key But a lock that is opened by many keys is a ****ty lock.... Hahah couldn't help myself
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    Avoid any women who take selfies

    hey guys... whats a selfie? hahaha but seriously? hell man even I take the occasional selfie :D
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    girl ****ing your brains out

    over analyzing the situation bro, yes the man card is still in tact and my almighty opinion on the situation is plain and simple... sit back and enjoy for the most of it but challenge her dominance and make sure you win. some ladies love to be dominant in the bedroom only because they are a...
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    How does "No Fap" help you get quality chicks?

    look at it this way... there is is no substantial increase in testosterone to make any groundbreaking effects happen. The test will peak at around day 5 and level out at around day 7 and continue to stay at that level throughout with minor fluctuations through diet, exercise and so on. You...
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    Favorite Openers

    ^^^ nooo! that is suicide! they have heard the " you have a beatiful smile, eyes, hair, laugh" line a million and one times. Really man just stick with the tried and true line of "hey I'm ____" and go from there. as said previously it is not what you say but how you say it. Create a presence...
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    How does "No Fap" help you get quality chicks?

    placebo effect... end of discussion
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    Do you even lift, sis?!

    No girl does bodybuilding to attract a male, it is the lil cardio bunnies that do it for attention... lifting should not be done for anyone else but yourself... do I lift to get girls? fvck no I lift for me and me only getting girls becasue of a good body is just an excellent side effect of it...
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    How I went from w@nking 6 times a day to spinning 6 plates

    Hats off to you Bizzle Bro I would much rather be busting all kinds of nuts into all kinds of girls than a tissue man... As long as you enjoy it who the hell cares.
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    Bang a fatty or masturbate?

    ALL THE YES!!! hahah But seriously... who cares at the end of the day as long as you got to bust a nut it is all good. As previously said if you can get it up and finish the deed then why the hell not man. Get a gobby from her first, fat chicks suck d1ck real good, I mean they didn't get fat...
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    Female cousins.

    Well this thread didn't go where I thought it was heading with a title like "female cousins" ;) haha I believe that everyone should know how to cook not just the women but the men as well. When I'm in a relationship I prefer to cook 1) I know how to make it the way I like it 2) I work with...
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    Chic shoots Krokodil into her *****.

    the documentary by Vice is pretty good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsUH8llvTZo
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    30 Days of Self Improvement

    ok bro thats good that you are doing this but just one thing on the nutrition side of things.... Protein 1gm = 4kcal ...180gm = 720kcal fat 1gm = 9kcal ...120gm = 1080kcal carb 1gm = 4kcal ...650gm = 2600kcal so all up that is 4400kcal
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    Share you major challenge with women!

    Mine is actually meeting women... I'm a baker so I start work at around 11pm and then after I go to the gym and then a run with the dog catch a few hours sleep and hey presto it is time to go to work again. I pretty much live and breathe work and working out haha
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    cheers Pure
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    hey brosephs just looking for some first hand advice on estane... anyone used it or know all that much about it?
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    Do girls really go for guys with nice cars?

    Scaramouche .... nothing wrong with the old XF I have had one myslef and an XD wouldn't mind a nice sedan with a cleveland in it. but I will stick to the good old VL commonwh0re for now. the thing is the car culture is hugely different between australia and america and europe... over here get...