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    Immature Girls

    Text her back and call her out/make fun of her.
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    She's Bitter And Fvcking Up My Rep!!!!

    Very foolish. Reputation and respect are vital in life.
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    AFC looking for reading advice. Just started.

    Honestly, you don't really need any books. You have to put yourself out there. Learn that rejection isn't scary and reflect on how you can change encounters that didn't go your way to finish successfully. And it's key to never dismiss girls by concluding that you're not handsome, rich, tall...
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    Some powerful quotes that truly inspire me

    Fvck b1tches, get money, smoke trees.
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    Manipulating Women !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One time I told the female cashier at 7/11 that the slurpee machine was broken. So she went and checked it while my friend hopped the counter and stole a bunch of lottery tickets
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    Where have all the good threads gone?

    I hate that they sensor swear words... seriously what the ****?
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    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    all about old spice deodorant, head and shoulders shampoo, terre d'hermes or angel for men. I smell so good I want to **** myself
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    LMAO My new surefire message for Plenty of Fishbreath!

    Negging and asserting dominance.. I like it
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    Examples of alpha behavior in media.

    David caruso in jade
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    asking a girl to have sex for money

    What's up don juan board? not sure how active this board is but figured it'd be worth a shot to maybe get some advice. i am a senior in high school there's a hot asian girl who is kinda slutty and is obsessed with me at my school. i've ****ed her a few times and i know kids who would...