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    Should I Text Her?

    Yes. Until she flaked on me and then I pulled back.
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    2 Girls At Once

    So I just got two girls numbers at the same time. They're friends and were hanging out together. How should I proceed with reaching out to them? They're pretty much equal in terms of my preference for them. Should I just pick one and pursue her? Try to initiate both at same time? I'm sure...
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    Should I Text Her?

    Gut instinct. She seemed paranoid if I was going to like her or not. I had a feeling from the beginning she was going to self sabotage any potential with us. But I could just be trying to make myself feel better and maybe she wants nothing to do with me.
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    Should I Text Her?

    I like the cut of your jib friend. Nice clear action oriented advice.
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    Should I Text Her?

    Any chance she's interested in me but doesn't think I'm interested in her?
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    Should I Text Her?

    So are you saying you can't actually really desire a girl?
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    Should I Text Her?

    Ok. I'm with it and agree. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. Sometimes it's good to just hear what you're already thinking from an outside opinion.
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    Should I Text Her?

    So basically the answer to everything is to forget about her and just "spin plates"?
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    Should I Text Her?

    Just looking for some feedback. A few weeks back I went out with a girl 10 years younger. She's 25. I'm 35. Simple first date just grabbed drinks. Second date two days later. We kissed a bit. Spontaneous slow dancing to Xmas music. It was fun and she seemed really into it. Then holidays came...
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    How to get better at fighting?

    Step 1: Go learn some kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. Step 2: Lift weights and get stronger. Step 3: Think you're tough, get in fight and have knife pulled on you. Step 4: Run like hell. Seriously though, fighting is pretty pointless, however as a man, you should have at least a basic idea...
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    And after everything I've accomplished over the years I'm still unhappy

    Hey man good post. I feel like I'm in almost the exact same situation as you. And for me, it's not that I think 'women' are going to bring me happiness, it's just more the feeling of not living up to my full potential. It's knowing that I, and we, are all going to die and that none of this...
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    Good BPD Song

    The Dream nailed it...:up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGfOSpsYVBA
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    Is This DJ Stuff Fun For You Guys??

    Thanks for the posts guys... To be perfectly honest, I just feel like I'm being a little pu$$y...like I'm not living up to my potential...If I want something I should set the goal and then go get it. I'm a guy right? Guys get girls right? It shouldn't be a chore...It should be fun...
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    Is This DJ Stuff Fun For You Guys??

    Just wondering if you guys enjoy all this DJ stuff...cuz lately I've been feeling like it's all a burden. I mean just the whole process of meeting women is getting me down. I tell myself to get out more. Then I go out to the mall or bookstore and almost never see any females I'm...
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    How to shake INSECURITY once you are "infected"?

    darkstarr - don't get so down on yourself man. Just last month I was feeling like my teeth were messed up..and I went to go for invisalign. Well I get the and they tell me that it will work for my bottom teeth but not my top...for that I need veneers. I dont have insurance so I'd be paying...
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    Today I'm Single...

    Yeah man...sometimes I would have these flashes into the future and just see the insanity of her flipping out, and us having kids and her taking custody of them, and her accusing me of like raping her cuz she thought I cheated or all sorts of crazy stuff....
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    Today I'm Single...

    I was having a hard time today....was tempted to call her, but wouldn't give in...i left work and was driving home when I got a phone call...it was my boy from NYC...he just got out of jail because his girl said he had hit her last week. I guess he tried to leave her and she flipped out. The...
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    Another failed relationship...chest pains

    Beautiful stuff. Just beautiful.
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    Today I'm Single...

    Airwarrior, HeretoLearn, and darkstarr....thanks. I really appreciate it. I'm starting to get little glimmers of feeling good again. Mostly I'm focusing on what I can control. I worked out last night, made sure to eat a lot since I had an appetite (lean meat, fruits, vegetables), stayed...
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    Today I'm Single...

    Dude f*ck these chicks...they're total garbage. Soon enough we'll be looking back like wtf kinda crack were we smoking... I can't wait to get my sanity back.