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    Social Experiment 2

    You should have said, "Hey, thanks a lot for that free accessory. You're such a good friend!"
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    Why Can't I...

    You're asking the wrong question. Instead of asking "Why can't I ..Hookup w/ girls at parties?" ask yourself "How can I hook up with girls at parties?"
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    why am i Scared.

    Focus on what you want The real secret of success is what you focus on. When you are in a fearful state, it's from the result of focusing on what you DO NOT want. For most people, the focus through their visual sense. All you have to do is visualize the outcome you want, girls being...
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    Overthinking and Overanalyzing SOLVED

    Like fighting fire with fire, lol. Here is a refurbished guide to focus: You have a lot of good points its just that most people will drown in the details just like you say not to. "if you step back and look at distractions from a distance, as I often do, you realize that most of them are...
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    i feel like i have no friends.. read

    <This topic has been moved to the Elementary School Forums> Hahaha, I couldn't help myself.
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    Parents and Prom

    You got to decide whether not your parents are maliable or not. If they are not, you can either lie or learn how to break the rules. I don't see how parents can put restrictions on seniors who are going off to college in just a few months.(My friend's situation) The best way to go to late...
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    Your Penis Didn't Come With a Manual. Here is one.

    Guide To Masturbation 1. Get some kind of lube, the standard bottle of lotion will do. 2. Get an erection. To do this you need to think of girls. Ensure that they are sexual in appeareance and that you find them enticing. If you can't get an erection, you're gay.(sorry) Disclaimer: If...
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    Dealing with Biggots/Racist

    When there wasn't racial diversity, who could you possible hate because of race? I agree with Bling. It seems that the lower the concentration of a particular race in school or in america, the more pride there is. I honestly don't care that I am white, plus that would be consider heinous...
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    one sided

    If she thinks that talking to you will result in more pleasure than pain, then she will try and talk to you.
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    Club dancing.

    Make sure your having fun like Mojo said, or else its just going to suck. If you want new moves, the easiest way is just to watch someone good and copy them. If your having a good time, you'll probably come up with new moves too. One of my friends isn't really much of a "real" dancer but he has...
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    How do you deal with troubled friends?

    "The fool who persists in his folly will become wise." I forgot who said this.
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    Discomfort Zone

    Your "Discomfort Zone" is also known as Bill Harris's Safety Issue. From the experiences from childhood we create a map of reality to keep us safe in our childhood environment. The beliefs, values, and strategies encompass this map of reality and when challenged, it brings up this part of us...
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    The 50 Best Guy Movies Of All Time

    Ong-Bak If you haven't seen Onk-Bak already, go see it. It's the sweetest martial arts movie you will ever see. The stunts are amazing for two reasons: there are no stunt tricks or people and the stunts are innovative. He does a lot of knees to the chest and head. It's really sweet when he...
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    Off to college soon would appreciate advice

    Meditate. www.centerpointe.com.
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    Came up with an interesting Idea to get over your fear of girls

    If you get a sex change, you could deduct that you are just a man but with womenly parts. So its obvious that women are just men but with womenly parts. Or you could just be homo so that you don't have to worry about women ne more.
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    got her... now what

    Invite her over to your house. Then go to your room, tell her to sit on the bed while you j*ck o*f in the corner. Or, you could just do what you wanted, but that would be too simple perhaps...
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    Public Service Announcement

    In the game of black and white, white can't win.
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    How soon is too soon

    If you're really interested in this girl, take her to go see a hypnotherapist. Then she won't be such an angry wart anymore!
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    Dance in 18 hours, help!

    People don't grind at raves. They glowstick and liquid and sometimes pop. Ever hear of the figure 8?
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    "Most" People Reside in the Matrix.

    ^^^ Do you live by that quote?