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    Currently working on my clothes; this shirt, yay or nay?

    its ok but chequered shirts went out of fashion last summer also you seem to have a wierd body shape which makes u look round around the waiste
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    Good places to practice day game?

    ElStud Master Don Juan Join Date: Mar 2007 Age: 22 Posts: 1,891 ElStud is an unknown quantity at this point scribblec Senior Don Juan Join Date: May 2006 Posts: 490 scribblec has a spectacular aura hmm 4x as many posts as me but yea everyone this guy is just a useless troll if you post...
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    Good places to practice day game?

    omg hes still around lol how has the last few years been elstud? any success yet did those pokemon noises ever work out for u
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    Roosh'V Blindness: what so many pick artist get wrong

    exactly you are new here so what the fk do u know? i personally find hes blogs are pretty much real life experiences on the behaviours of women and find it very insightful ( when he isnt trying to flog his book) which is why i never pay for music or for ebooks but if u can find yourself a...
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    Holy moly.. Mildly obsessed after first date with a girl.

    seriously how have u got so many rep points?? all thats going to do is make u look pathetic even the whole ive been hectic blah blah blah seemed pathetic to me. just dont give a **** and listen to what concorde said
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    Holy moly.. Mildly obsessed after first date with a girl.

    http://www.rooshv.com/theres-no-punishment-in-going-for-sex read that it explains it much better then i do
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    Holy moly.. Mildly obsessed after first date with a girl.

    Look one thing I've learnt over the last few years is that u will never get punished for pushing for sex but u will be punished for ignoring ur own biological urges, I understand every situation is different and a lot of times girls don't want you to push for sex on the first date. But when one...
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    When you wake up pretend your wearing a crown

    thats actually quite good advice
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    take chick out on date, later finds out...

    if she is with her bf so what shes obviously looking to branch swing, just continue as if nothing has happened and if she dont bring up her own bf then dont be the ***** that does
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    Holy moly.. Mildly obsessed after first date with a girl.

    look if a girl did not want to get ****ed on a first date she would not have isolated herself in such a way that any alpha male would obviously **** her. shes a POF girl whos been on many first dates and i garuntee she has ****ed on the first date many times and when you couldnt pull the...
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    4 Undeniable Truths About Women

    seconded i started reading through it and he lost me at all the cad dad bullsh1t
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    Holy moly.. Mildly obsessed after first date with a girl.

    im reading through the first page and i cant believe noone has pointed out that he was IN HER ROOM and he didnt bang ON A F*CKING FIRST DATE!! by not banging the **** out of her u failed her **** test of is he a man? and so she went cold on you. always strike while the irons hot
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    Things I believe to be true.

    the number one important thing is to maximise your looks, when i first joined this forum i read the whole pook thing about how the bigger and musclier he got the easier everything became and i was a jeyboard jockey 7 years ago so i thought how much difference can it make. well now after...
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    which size dumbells to get

    tommorow i was going to purchase a pair of dumbbells to carry on the progress ive been making lately and was wondering what size dumbells i should get. bare in mind im not looking to be body builder i just want my body to be shaped so im on a 150 pushups and 100 dips a day and the dumbells...
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    Bedding chicks - movie ****.

    someones been watching a lot of porno
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    If you were to narrow it down to one thing, what has given you the most progress?

    well as you can see i have been here quite a long time and in thoery i pretty much know everything.... what this site doesnt teach you is how to calibrate everything you know, when i first started i was obsessed with the whole dj mindset where i would be too ****y or too arrogant which works...
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    Another beacon of light!

    so what did you do with this beacon of light?
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    HELP The Guy I Like Just Told Me This...Is This Good Or Bad :(

    the wit on this forum is epic :D this made me lol