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    I made a mistake how do i redeem g/f possibly lost respect for me

    I'm sorry if everything reads like a mess I type similar to how I speak, I can clarify if need be
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    I made a mistake how do i redeem g/f possibly lost respect for me

    hey guys after a long hiatus i'm back and my relationship is in the dangerzone. My g/f even called me a punk ***** This is what happened... I was at the club and this guy was standing at the bar in front, I told him "excuse me" and went behind him to talk to the bartender, he exposed his back...
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    Male 8s

    Sometimes that is just as important....
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    What were the pills on the GNC site that help you keep an errection??

    oooooh it works......trust me. A friend gave me a sample 2 of them.... I asked him what it was and he couldn't remember
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    What were the pills on the GNC site that help you keep an errection??

    Do you know what it was..because I totally forgot. It was a red pill that helped you stay hard... My problem right now is I can go hard, be in the girl..then go limp while having sex sometimes. It's like my mind isn't in it for some reason.....it's just me getting my rocks off. Then...
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    Survey says 96% of men who try online dating will fail

    You'd get better odds just going out to places and talking to women..
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    too much violence in nightlife game, I am done

    You are a disgrace to the Martial arts... As being a jiu jitsu practioner I hope you remain a white belt....no class whatso ever and another thing jiu jitsu wont help you if you are fighting against 4 to 5 guys at once. You try to apply an armbar, Kimura, ankle pick, americana or wristlock...
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    The poor, the panhandlers, the streetz is watchin

    I am only one man.... I give the shirt off my back, Money, buy them lunch, do what I can because I am thankful that i make a living enough to support me and ride and that's it... I see successful business men and women walking the streets everyday they couldn't care less...It's like these...
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    5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

    Filtered from my Job... Why don't you post the crux of it here!
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    Serious Relationship With Christian Girl

    I don't understand you guys at all.... Good girl comes along that actually values you as a person / sosuave forum guys = She's boring I need someone exciting in my life, I need a sl$t in my life how can i get rid of her? hb8+ sl&t comes your way playing games, doesn't give a crap about...
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    My girlfriend wants to try out salsa

    Guoy you found a good one! Keep her
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    Homosexuality- A choice? or a natural attraction?

    There is still a huge debate in society on the nature of homosexuality.. I was just curious how this forum views Homosexuality? Is it right? Is it a choice due to media programming, or is it a ginuine hypergamy of emotional and physical attraction that a human is born with? By Nature I...
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    Computer Networking

    My friend has his CCNA and it is REALLY boosting his career potential right now, and he hasn't even finished his Bachelors degree. If you want to get into computer networking... Experience in IT field + CCNA cert will get you farther than anything right now.
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    ouch......man forget her, move on blunt but classless...
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    Even the nicest girl will throw you off...

    If your Mommy or Daddy decided not to have you what then? I would miss out on discussing women with you man and reading your insightful stories.. :rockon: you are right I have no place to tell the OP what he does or doesn't want that is true but All i am saying is that it is Animal...
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    Even the nicest girl will throw you off...

    Kids are a blessing...I want one one day, I don't know why you wouldn't want one. I know this is another subject, but you were put on this earth to reproduce and continue your legacy.. If you find a nice girl that you can work with and you relate to, play the game differently. Women talk...
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    your thoughts on Windows 8

    My Job is still on XP, best Windows operating system ever.... It seems like no other Windows Operating system has the longevity that XP had. it's especially taxing on the IT professionals who are trying to stay up on Certs they keep releasing updates for windows so frequently.. those...
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    What is your counter arguments to ...

    I like how that Mangina tried to stand up for her, and Joe Rogan kinda insulted him backhandedly.... Guys this is why you must be fit, inshape and be ready to defend yourselves. The bold and the brave will always be tested remember....THE BOLD AND THE BRAVE WILL ALWAYS BE TESTED
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    Dismal response rate on match.com

    Give up on online dating...really you get better success just going out there and talking to women. TRUST me on this.... keep going out you can meet women in some of the most random places you go to just by opening your mouth. I met a chick at TGI fridays just by saying hello...LOL it's...