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    West ham striker dating recent single mom celeb Dani Dyer

    why are you on this forum? Same difference. I get dissapointed in the state of men, and to top it off shes tied him down with twins, in the words of Kevin Samuels you couldnt make this sh*t up
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    A lot of weak men!

    I will never forget about two years ago, I went to the pub with a group of six, 3 men 3 women, we sat at a large circle table . For some reason after a few drinks we got a bit debated between us over biology and life. I was early red pill at the time, and i somehow remembered to "hold frame"...
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    So my girl caught me on tinder

    if hes Blue pill he will not appreciate the advice/heads up one bit infact he will probably accuse you of being the aggressor he will rationalise her behaviour if hes BP
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    Are These Sh*t Tests?

    if you go on Just Pearly things youtube channel , a guy does a breakdown on there on how to date a modern woman. He presents it like an elementary class, its absolutely hilarious. He goes on to say how he has to do extreme pullbacks, low interest and gaslighting to keep her interested. irony...
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    Are These Sh*t Tests?

    do you see how her being unpredictable has sent you into a tail spin? writing paragraphs on the forum about her. this is teaching you why you should do it too her
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    Chinese girl pursuing

    hit her up in a week, if she messages you delay your replies but dont be disingenous,
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    Not Really a Grown Man

    I know single moms and Ive dated them. if she has more than 1 daughter only, I guarantee the house will be a totalsh*t show of dysfunction and no discipline.
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    Chinese girl pursuing

    shes been married to a guy who does DV. not just casually dated.......MARRIED. This isnt his first rodeo. (she somewhat likes it) Let me explain a flaw in the human psyche, when you have 1000 simps offering to wine and dine you, then this one guy smacks you around the face, do you know what...
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    How do I network my business?

    Brilliant mate thank you
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    How do I network my business?

    I have vast experience of this, I used to DJ at family events, and when I said my fair price of 120 pounds, it always used to send them squawking, or they always know BIG DAVE who does it for 30 pounds cheaper" Trouble was when I DJ'd for the middle class, they initially were confused at the...
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    How do I network my business?

    Youre not wrong, I remember when my first recommendation came in I almost fell of my chair took about 8 months!!, because people dont tell others theyve received that kind of help.
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    Lacking Chemistry w/ Hottie

    ask her out for drinks tell her youve put a curry in the slow cooker at yours if she would like the offer of light food after the drinks, its worked twice for me recently saying it like that the good thing about this is High interest women will be EASY women open doors for men they are...
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    Lacking Chemistry w/ Hottie

    keep it in the chamber but expect her to follow the ABC's of dating, I hooked up with a 26 year old the other day and she made it so easy for me it was a joy. (Im 39) the difference between that and over 30s is night an day
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    Lacking Chemistry w/ Hottie

    dont you just love it when a woman ages and suddenly decides to apply all the dating restrictions she should have applied in 1875 :rofl: on a seperate note why entertain her? She would ghost the hell out of you? women are cold AF
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    How do I network my business?

    good points thanks
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    How do I network my business?

    yes I come up top of google for my local searches, the patreons are supporters of the business model and dont need help but I was hoping i wouldnt have to be chasing them for such a small support fee
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    How do I network my business?

    Morning I'm gonna build up my life coach business to help children , navigate life, mental health, fatherless boys etc problem is so far I only seem to be getting the worst people of society reach out, or the broke people, they want everything for free. I do live in that kind of demographic...
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    Girl wants to talk more between dates

    texting will totally destroy the dynamics, women live in mystery they are also lunatics, you will put something that you meant humour and she will do a total 180 on you because she presumed you were offending her, I cannot describe how nauseatingly neurotic they are and analyze everything you type.
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    The Harsh Truth: We live in Woman's world and there's nothing we can do about it

    just an interesting observation, I was a food delivery driver a while back, and women never tipped, men always tipped but women rarely so. they literally are hard wired to not give their resources to men :rofl:
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    Porn is not unrealistic and NoFap is not a cure.

    I tried two different approaches. at the tail end of last month around the 20th I abstained from everything, I noticed my drive and passion go through the roof around the 28th, on the last day of the month I f*cked a decent looking chic, and my drive etc was still present on the 1st of Feb. I...