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    worst experience with approaching girl i have yet

    I agree that resources are better spent on better prospects. I do'nt think it's a 'sh1t test', though. She just wasn't attracted to him. There's nothing one can say or do to turn a legit 'no' into a 'yes'. It's not about 'frame' or anything else. It's about finding the girls who are attracted...
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    Girls: Silly and Cute

    according to chase, that doesn't matter. He said he'd be banging hot 18 year olds when he's 90 due to his 'game' (the lines and techniques he teaches to brainwash girls into attraction) Can you really not see that he's just a PUA shill/fantasist? He is just a writer. Capitalising on an...
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    Girls: Silly and Cute

    it would be so funny to watch some of these guys go out for a night with these PUA's who they think have some mystical seduction ability (because of what they'd been lead to believe with their articles etc) and then watch their worlds crash as they see them hero's getting rejected time and time...
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    Girls: Silly and Cute

    chase has probably slept with about 6 girls. All average. Don't listen to him He's one of hundreds of fake PUA's making a living from pretending to have some 'skill' whereby he can brainwash any girl into sleeping with him. Something that doesn't actually exist. He doesn't even have infields...
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    almost 29, am I getting too old to pick up girls 18-22?

    if you look old, you're invisible to 18 year old stunners (unless they want a rich sugar daddy in which case they'll close their eyes and imagine a hot young guy banging them in exchange for a nice lifestyle and money). Most don't give a crap about how you have your 'sh1t together' lol. Almost...
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    almost 29, am I getting too old to pick up girls 18-22?

    she's a real girl. Some Brit teen (obvious filters in them pics, though lol)
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    almost 29, am I getting too old to pick up girls 18-22?

    If you look very young for your age (and obviously very good looking), you still have a shot with the cute 18 year olds at 29
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    Girls coming back

    20 pressups
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    Fat harridan demands that suitors not wear cap to hide baldness

    girls don't like being hat-fished!!
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    What was wrong with my approach?

    approaching is fine. I do it every night I go out It's Especially fine if a girl 'appears' to be giving you an indicator of interest, such as in that thread (yeah, I know if didn't work out for him but them's the breaks!) Your issue was not taking the hint that she wasn't interested (probably...
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    What was wrong with my approach?

    Yep I'm putting aside the weirdness of the rest of his post When I was new to this, i'd watch too much sh1t from salesmen (pretending to be pickup gods who can get ANY girl they want). It was common back then to assume every rejection was simply a result of sub par game. That if you know game...
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    What was wrong with my approach?

    ignoring the fact he done some pretty weird stuff on his approach, I feel like part of the problem (and the reason he won't get the sort of replies he wants) is because I bet he's coming at this from an oldschool PUA school of thought where people are taught you can 'game' your way into any...
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    my game improved but still not getting there

    they give it in seconds sometimes she probably just wasn't that into you. Nothing really to 'learn' from that. It's a numbers game. Onto the next!
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    Her Sexual Best

    happens non stop to me and probably everyone else lol Every guy probably has a tonne of such messages. Have a decent sized **** and smash her in
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    My best friend is flirting with my girlfriend and she subtly reciprocates

    haha. We used to have a guy in our friend group who we'd always try to not introduce our girlfriends too. He wasn't outrageously out of order or anything, but he was friendly and a bit of a natural flirt, but what made it a problem was that he was a very very good looking dude. So many of my...
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    Game does not create attraction, it sustains it

    most people (especially in the 'pickup' world and on PUA sites etc) would equate game to the words you use, the body language, the psychological tactics (as you put it) etc. They would most certainly not include looks or money for example. IN fact, if you look at old PUA forums, there's a lot of...
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    How to make my approach better

    yep. And likewise, if you're not her type (you're too fat/bald/old etc for her to find you hot) then all of the 'game' in the world will be for nought lol It's always been a numbers game
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    What has been your most favorite country to visit

    I had fun in Hungary!
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    Unpopular opinion: cold approach is a WASTE of time.

    it's kinda the most irrelevant part. The benchmark is to basically not be a complete oddball weirdo who can't make eye contact or keep a convo going for 6 seconds. Maybe peoples social skills have deteriorated so much since the smartphone and stuff that people now think it's 'game' if you you...
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    Another reality dating show. Fboy Island.

    probably to avoid complaints haha In the UK, there was a lot of OFCOM complaints from viewers when, on Live Island, this 18 year old girl was matched with a 27 year old guy who picked her out of all the girls. (and of course twitter 'He's a ped0! Go for someone your own age!!!! Grrrr!!' lol)...