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    Teaching my son to PU

    What I saw in your post was someone that still has a lot of the redpill stuff disproportionately weighed in their model of how to be in the world. This is obviously my own opinion, based on the little you reveal. A big chunk of what you present to teach your son is still what I view as surface...
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    Teaching my son to PU

    The main thing is to remain open yourself. When I read your post, I see someone that has a lot to learn about the world. If you go to teach your son how things are, you might unwittingly give him a lot of murky karma to work through as he grows old enough to understand the world beyond you. And...
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    worst experience with approaching girl i have yet

    This is not an issue of insecurity. What you call insecurity is you having a need and you're putting on a mask to protect yourself and manipulate someone else to fulfil your need. You don't have to walk on your knees, repenting, to get to where you want to go. Believe it or not, women are...
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    Queerness: The new frontier!

    Y'all got real aggravated. I'm being a little obscene on purpose. I was hoping we'd have discussions that went beyond "he's peddling gay propaganda, ban him!" and "drugs are bad, m'kay?" I'm not saying to go wear a dress. This is a rather controversial way of inquiring into the rigid lifestyle...
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    Queerness: The new frontier!

    I'm a bit of a contrarian on this forum. I usually just keep to my journal, which sticks out like a sore thumb in this sea of propaganda that you are all pouring back and forth into each others mouths on here. I want to challenge your ideas of masculinity and femininity. What it can mean to be...
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    A privilege to take her on a date - general mental state

    I hear two main things here, 1. The a part of the scaffolding that you've built your confidence on has ruptured. Therefore you're experiencing a loss of confidence. 2. Related or unrelated to #1, but likely related to the loss in the family, you're experiencing an increased need for love and...
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    Dirty sex

    Tell me more!
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    What is going on here?

    I suggest you get yourself some books that can teach you about how to communicate with people that matter dearly to you. You do not reference your wife at all in this post. You reference her "jealous vibes". If you're having a marriage, a relationship, an open relationship, you ought to have an...
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    Dirty sex

    The complete lack of consent in this thread is concerning. If you're in a relationship with someone, you should be able to have all kinds of difficult conversations with them. A relationship is a safe space that you develop and unfold into, together. If you feel like you have to play games or...
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    Lessons in 2023

    When I moved to Copenhagen two years ago and started exploring and engaging with the queer community, I got to experience what it is like to be a woman in this situation that you're describing. I think you could learn a lot from getting hit on by other men. I'd be vibing with men and it could...
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    What is your best advice on friendship?

    From my notes. FRIENDSHIP is a mirror to presence and a testament to forgiveness. Friendship not only helps us see ourselves through another’s eyes, but can be sustained over the years only with someone who has repeatedly forgiven us for our trespasses as we must find it in ourselves to forgive...
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    Non Juan need some tips with dating/hooking up.

    Getting with women and being outwardly successful isn't going to solve your intimacy, self-esteem, and social problems. Try as you might, but you're getting in your own way if you hit the ground running straight out of a divorce. Spinning plates and Tinder and approval is going to fix all the...
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    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    It's funny how time works. How these emotions pass through us. It's been a short while. Month and a half. 5 weeks. How precious. I took time to myself. I took care of myself. I fell through the floor. Stayed there for a little while. Sat up and had some meals on the floor. Just me. Brought the...
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    Great advices from experienced Don Juans

    Find out for yourself.
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    Me and my male friend got in an argument tonight over this site

    It's wonderful to be humble and ask for help. To reflect on one's own situation and contemplate what you have and what you want. It is worth being mindful of of whom you ask for advice, because the advice the you get is more of a product of where you ask, more so than what you ask. This forum is...
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    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    I can't stand these evenings, these nights. I try to numb the grief, the self-defeat, and the loneliness. Headache too strong to read a book. Will too weak to open up to adventure. I slumber into the computer. Sickness hit me hard start of last week. My forward-moving, sovereign energy was...
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    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    4/4 https://spotify.link/yw3vzAOveCb It’s not long after, that I am suddenly walking behind you in the forest. We set up our pillow fort and have our little talk. I tell you that this is the moment that I want to introduce you to changa – to DMT. We go on a few light ventures, and your...
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    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    https://spotify.link/XeKchEJveCb My motivation to piece the entire story together fades under the weight of my withering feelings towards you. I don’t want you to disappear. You have been the canvas upon which I have painted my love. You are my guide and my teacher, my student and my mother...
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    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    You arrive and we walk together. You give me nothing. Only a few days earlier you were yelling at me for the first time, because you chose to go out with your friends and take drugs and not sleep for three days. I just wanted you not to sneeze everywhere and get me sick. Now you exist in a...
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    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    Written 1 1/2 - 1 month ago. The past two days, whole week, and month, has been the toughest time of my life. Just over three years ago, love enveloped me. The following winter was a continual five thousand hours of shedding. From the moment I opened my eyes, to the moment I fell asleep there...