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    Guy just followed my car in a car

    He was at the intersection 1st but didnt go so i waved him, didnt go. So i went and he tried-i flipped him off, i took a secret passage & yep!
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    People have been peddaling spying as the limitless pill

    People can just be sitting next to u on a bus getting ur texts sent to their fone
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    Awesome, and i rarely ever say that
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    What are some good park walking trail openers?

    Leave girls alone on the trail, man; have you read The Fountainhead?- people go into nature to find courage
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    What can I do in this situation?

    When DISNEY wants u it GETS U
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    What can I do in this situation?

    What a 4ucking 46607
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    With people i work w i cover the tax, any shade, personal problems. Deal with people trying to screw it up. Incredible business model, i'm 32 and had a big role in quite alot of $. (billion(s)+. Problem is i have to work too hard just for a drop to trickle down, i feel ancient
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    If you inherited 1 million what would you do?

    Compulsion propaganda
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    If you inherited 1 million what would you do?

    >It's the ugliest, most deformed, retarded bb
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    Why be a king when u could be a god
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    The biggest beta was this guy following me around Barnes & Noble trying to talk to me when i told him to fuq off
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    Generally when i run out of $ i can dig out bags of cig butts & find a stub or two (or a part of a cigar)
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    Apocalyptic **** Test or What?

    >boss Literal cuck
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    U might not believe it but nothing happens in the elite- it's vaginal missionary
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    I subsist on 900$ a month, rent & stuff paid. It was all i was able to get. This is an obelisk(u take it thru ur own eyes): i made my gfs billionaires (who i havent talked to in a year); i'm running an empire off 900$/month and obviously the underbelly found out. I've worked w; through a...
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    Off My Chest: Old One-Itis Returned To Life, Third Wheeling? Now What?

    This "friend" may be lying to you Edit: didn't read thread Op, this chick wants to ride the **** carousel and end up with u. Ball's in ur court