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  1. Glassguy

    What Are The Green Flags You Look For In A Keeper?

    It's all about character. They either have string character or they dont. 1. Loyalty 2. Appreciativeness 3. Supportive 4. Feminine 5. Trusting/Trustworthy 6. Empathetic 7. Fun outgoing personality 8. Able to communicate in a healthy way I think if a woman can check these boxes, and...
  2. Glassguy

    My last farewell post on sosuave

    Agreed. Loss of respect equals the end. If there is chasing, negotiating, begging........there will be no respect remaining. This is why NC is essential for numerous reasons.
  3. Glassguy

    Insecure women

    These are all perfect examples of relationships within each attachment style, assuming you're a secure attachment style. I honestly think at this point I'd have a hard time considering any woman with a cluster B disorder as a secure attachment style. As always well written post.
  4. Glassguy

    How To Identify Borderline Personality?

    No doubt they can be a FUN time in bed. For men who aren't experienced in playing with fire, or don't know how to keep it as ONLY FUN, it's a fiery death.....
  5. Glassguy

    Insecure women

    https://www.luvze.com/signs-of-insecure-women/ Very interesting read on dealing with insecure women. And lets face it.....due to a rising amount of cluster B personalities, damaged women, abused women, poor childhood family dynamics, etc., if you're in the dating pool, you will encounter them...
  6. Glassguy

    More attracted to cute women than hot women?

    I am much more attracted to a chick who has a naturally cute/beautiful look than a woman who has a made up/sexy look. Probably because I am as much or more attracted to a woman's personality as her looks. The cute girl next door look does it for me. Not some bean pole Victoria Secret model...
  7. Glassguy

    Dirty sex

    ALL women love dirty, rough and degrading sex. The end.
  8. Glassguy

    i feel like im gonna cave in soon to contacting her

    It's not a good idea to break NC. Your ex knows how to get in touch if she wants to reach you. If she DOES want to reach out, she will stop texting your mom. Or whatever else is going on, and reach out to YOU. She will respect you more if you show her that you're a strong man who can stay away...
  9. Glassguy

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Day 60! Slept with quite a few women in the past 60 days and sone good dates as well. Recently met a little fireball who has a great personality, attractive and seems to be worth spending more time with. I honestly don't even think about my ex that often, which is weird and amazing at the...
  10. Glassguy

    End of my 3 year relationship. Your perspective welcome

    And then they are the victim. Again, dealing with hot women who are emotionally busted and shallow personalities.
  11. Glassguy

    LT/Married female vs dating female

    Yes. Excuse they realize the dime is fun to show off but doesn't translate well to LTR/marriage/stating a family. The hottest women are typically extremely shallow and damaged. The GND totally passes the b0ner test but offers much more than looks. Makes perfect sense.
  12. Glassguy

    FR: Date Fail or Planting the Seed?

    Crazy isn't it? Rail a chick.....she gets off a few times. Turns into a marathon session. Then poof......
  13. Glassguy

    End of my 3 year relationship. Your perspective welcome

    That's because the majority of the male dating pool are beta simps and cucks. So that is primarily who is hitting on them. So statistically they have been programmed to react this way. Along comes an alpha with strong frame, doesn't allow chitty behavior, and they have no idea how to react.
  14. Glassguy

    FR: Date Fail or Planting the Seed?

    2023: Never assume you're going to see a woman again even IF you've banged her
  15. Glassguy

    End of my 3 year relationship. Your perspective welcome

    Lots of good stuff in this thread. Especially about woman behavior and boundaries. Concerning boundaries- if a woman brings up "the talk" about exclusiveness, there are certain things that need to be established. No cheating, lying, deceiving or attention wh0ring. Period. All grounds for...
  16. Glassguy

    FR: Date Fail or Planting the Seed?

    This was not a date fail. You planted a seed and she is fine with it. Thus, she is coming over Friday. I'll guess that she is a higher value woman who is relationship minded. Not that those women won't put out early on, but higher value people in general have processes they follow in life...
  17. Glassguy

    Facebook "Are we dating the same guy" groups

    So its ok to get a chick fired for threatening legal problems for you (which was probably a bluff that she thought would work on you and backfired), but people are "thin skinned" for talking about something that does exist in the women community? Come on man. To these 2 posts ^^^^^ I...
  18. Glassguy

    Facebook "Are we dating the same guy" groups

    I have thick skin. I never said I wanted to follow the examples of insecure women online. Read much? I welcome posters who have varying opinions. Just not people who just want to hijack posts and run their mouth. That would be you.
  19. Glassguy

    Facebook "Are we dating the same guy" groups

    Point #3 was how these insecure women would always destruct if the shoe was on the other foot. Be careful with the "what's wrong with you" comments. Either play nice on my threads or stay off them. And most men don't even know these groups exist. Which was the point of my post. Agree with...
  20. Glassguy

    The Difference Between Covert Disrespect & Overt Disrespect

    If its something to ignore, ignore it. Sometimes playful sarcasm can be confused with disrespect. But if this behavior is slighting you becomes a pattern, its best to either tell her to knock it off or escalate to just withdrawing your attention from her. If its something to not ignore (as in...