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  1. bat soup

    Article: It’s true: owning a flashy car does make you more attractive

    Yeah, it attracts the type of women that will suck you dry. And then steal your money.
  2. bat soup

    New Dating App To Try Out

    Is it Coochsurfing?
  3. bat soup

    worst experience with approaching girl i have yet

    Same thing happened to me. To be fair, I probably should have taken off my scream mask.
  4. bat soup

    worst experience with approaching girl i have yet

    At any time you can just turn your back on a woman and walk away. You don't owe her your attention.
  5. bat soup

    I want to date 19 years old Arab girl

    "I said well i also shave pubic hair" Sounds like you're on the right track to me
  6. bat soup

    Same sort of approach, she said "aww thank you'

    Thanks for the ego boost, sucker.
  7. bat soup

    Poll: what is a definition of slut to you?

    A good woman is a woman that sucks my d*CK. A slut is a woman that sucks someone else's d*CK
  8. bat soup

    Do all women lose respect?

    I gifted her things, we went on trips, we did fun activities. [Paid for by who???? $$$$] And in return.... She said she's depressed She didnt want to kiss or be intimate and also didnt want to make things work. She said i dont deserve this several times and cried a lot [sounds fun] she kept...
  9. bat soup

    What is a civvy?

    A civvy is a woman that takes your money and your time but probably won't give you any sex.
  10. bat soup

    My best friend is flirting with my girlfriend and she subtly reciprocates

    I'd immediately chop this guy out of my life and I'd start looking for this girls replacement.
  11. bat soup

    Rational Women?

    The scientific explanation for this is that women's heads are 75 percent full of cotton wool.
  12. bat soup

    escorts vs civvies

    Instead of calling them "escorts vs civies", we should call them "women that take your money and give sex Vs women that take your money and maybe give sex, eventually"
  13. bat soup

    My comeback has started...

    If you want my comeback you're going to have to scrape it off the back of...
  14. bat soup

    Falling lower

    You sure told him. I wonder who he's banging tonight.
  15. bat soup

    Does iPhone get you more chicks than Android? Or does it even matter? Vote here guys!

    That will get you some low-quality crack hos that are seeing an iPhone for the first time in their life.
  16. bat soup

    Do Muslim girls have anal premaritally to save virginity?

    Good to know. Flight booked
  17. bat soup

    My situation after 3 weeks of no contact

    For no contact to really work you have to keep it up until she grows fat and ugly. Then you need to call her up and say "aha!"
  18. bat soup

    Dirty sex

    Ask her if she finds that kind of stuff exciting. If she says "no, that's disgusting" tell her "that's the spirit"
  19. bat soup

    anyone from bangladesh or india?

    If they shake their heads from side to side it means that they like you. Or don't.
  20. bat soup

    Does iPhone get you more chicks than Android? Or does it even matter? Vote here guys!

    iPhones definitely get you more trashy women. In fact, flashing any type of expensive-looking garbage around attracts gold diggers like flies on shiit. If that's what you want, then go ahead. But don't be surprised when they bleed you dry and then move on to the next sucker.