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  1. CornbreadFed

    2nd Date Fail .. How to avoid fumbling on 2nd and 1st dates?

    Lmao surprise date on a second date!?! Where do people get these atrocious ideas?
  2. CornbreadFed

    What Are The Green Flags You Look For In A Keeper?

    Review your post history and AVOID any women that can relate to any of them within a syllable for starts lol. And also be her FIRST option, not second, not third!!
  3. CornbreadFed

    Men Should Stay On Dating Apps Even When In An LTR

    Disagree, breaks from women after a breakup are beneficial and it’s not that hard to redownload a dating app. This is a scarcity mindset amigo.
  4. CornbreadFed

    Women mirror their men

    Cost of living is pretty bad in the US too. Right now, I’m paying a little under half for living.
  5. CornbreadFed

    Women mirror their men

    The crappy food/lack of exercise is mainly in lower income Americans. Your typical middle class and above American isn’t relying off McDonalds. In addition, there’s a lot of McDonalds and burger kings here and they are always crowded. Last, the UK is IMHO similar to the US in quality of...
  6. CornbreadFed

    My last farewell post on sosuave

    Ummmm don’t leave please
  7. CornbreadFed

    Women mirror their men

    I’m in Europe right now and it is apparent about how much skinnier, presentable, and feminine the women are here compared to the US. Another thing I noticed is how the men are pretty much similar. Now American men will be quick to call these men feminine or ***, but hear me out. Yes, I...
  8. CornbreadFed

    Plate-Life Balance?

    I found plate life to be an unsustainable and a huge waste of time and resources. I got better things to do then drive across the city to some dumb bar or wine lounge to meet some Sara that is going to say 90% of the same shvt other girls say. After you discover that you can fvck more than one...
  9. CornbreadFed

    Is my masseuse hitting on me or trying to get an extra tip?

    I'm going to go again lol, the massage was decent and I she isn't scared to dig deep. I just wanted sosuave's thoughts on this lol.
  10. CornbreadFed

    Is my masseuse hitting on me or trying to get an extra tip?

    This is not a full-service establishment. If I wanted that, I would go somewhere else.
  11. CornbreadFed

    Is my masseuse hitting on me or trying to get an extra tip?

    Those are everywhere in my city. That’s how I know this place is legit and not a Jack shack.
  12. CornbreadFed

    Is my masseuse hitting on me or trying to get an extra tip?

    I never fell off from them lol
  13. CornbreadFed

    Is my masseuse hitting on me or trying to get an extra tip?

    TBH I really don't care if she is or not, but I want this site's opinion because why not lol. In addition, I swear this is a legit establishment and not a Jack Shack lol. She is also latina lol. I tried out this new place and this woman was pretty talkative from the get-go. She kept...
  14. CornbreadFed

    Her Sexual Best

    No games, no random hot and coldness, no questioning if she is seeing other guys or not. You feel like you could cheat on her or shoot her mom and still have her want you.
  15. CornbreadFed

    My best friend is flirting with my girlfriend and she subtly reciprocates

    All I really need to read. There's a reason you kept women private from your friends. Whether you cut off your friend is your decision, but I wouldn't definitely bring your partners around him again.
  16. CornbreadFed

    The best sugar daddy ideas, for those that are rich...

    It’s perfectly legal for a girl to Dubai porta potty herself for a Gucci bag, but a felony in some states for a guy to pay for consensual sex with a woman.
  17. CornbreadFed

    When a chick says she wants loyalty

    Not to her though. Bottomline, this chick is bad news bears. Also, she’s probably not attractive either. You can go ahead and deny it, but what truly attractive & quality person says that? The more I think of it, the sharper image of a female shrek appears in my head lol.