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    Rational Women?

    Im sitting here with bunch of People and going through the comments here and the first thing that came to our Mind is seriously, whether you are illiterate and have mental problems or genuinely dont understand the point. Otherwise your gaslighting attempts are getting ridiculous now, Im not...
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    I broke contact after 30 days...

    She basically said, that focusing on school and working is more exciting then talking with you + that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with you. There is nothing you can do to get her, not even being a millionaire or having countless woman chasing you will help you to get her. Move on
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    Rational Women?

    Always funny, when People prove my point and aren't aware of it. Clearly you do not realize that what I was referring to isn't about Politics. Speaking with truth is most often met with denial. This Thread is a joke as you guys can see :rofl:
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    Rational Women?

    Sometimes common sense https://youtube.com/shorts/ilAwDfI85dc?si=H-P20WMihtuqCLIU
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    Rational Women?

    No. It depends. Racism, Discrimination of Religion and many other things, things I have witnessed from People with a wide range vocabulary that are ruled over by emotions. How does that make the opposite Gender superior to the other in terms of rational thinking? Most People are average...
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    worst experience with approaching girl i have yet

    They dont have good instincts, you approached her and she didn't find you attractive. Woman always conclude Men who aren't attractive approaching them as hitting on them. Generally, they lack good instincts.
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    Females Are Fake & Possess The Spirit Of Jezebel's!!

    Its not really about Gender, more about Personality and integrity. I have met men, playing the "I do care about you" role, but actually didn't, backstabbing and manipulative in nature. Well, I knew about that and was prepared because my gut/instincts told me so and always walked away with the...
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    How common are false accusations from woman or men

    Read somewhere that woman are 48% of the time more likely to make false accusations such as rape, harrassment and so on, whether its true or not I dont know. From your experience how common was ist, have you ever been falsely accused by woman or men?
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    Woman marrying the wrong guys and Instincts

    Why so many woman but also Men lack healthy instincts and general sense of respect? F.e I rarely know a woman who is married to a strong Men. Maybe 1 from 15 I’d consider strong and healthy, whether mentally or emotionally. I actually feel bad for these woman, or People who form any other kind...
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    Working out at home vs working out at a gym?

    As someone who is going to gym for years, I rather prefer a homegym and also have it in my to do list to build one together with my gf in our home. Its overall more beneficial for us
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    My best friend is flirting with my girlfriend and she subtly reciprocates

    Dump her and end the friendship. Had the same experience only that I didn’t flirt, it was the gf of one of my friends. After not reciprocating it she tried to destroy the friendship and was successful with it and the idiot got dumped by her few weeks later. Got rid of two idiots from my life
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    Attractive 20 Something White Female Complains She Can't Get $150,000+/Annual Marketing Job

    Most of them don’t understand how the academic job world really is. If you tell one of them that you are working in HR for Amazon they won’t seem impressed and just associate it with these logistics and low wage jobs when in fact it’s hard to get in and in the job world actually a high status...
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    2 random questions

    Keep doing them until your lower back is getting used to the weight, it can take some time and then come back with the Results. Barbell Rows in my opinion a must have in combination with Pull ups and Lat pull down
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    How to find a wife in this western world?

    It’s hard to find one, unicorns do exist but many here don’t believe in them, but how could they, If unicorns are hard to spot and find. Most men here are miserable, they don’t have the foundation to attract an unicorn, not the necessary mental health and stability, are overall insecure...
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    Creatine & Hair loss

    How can’t you find any evidence about it? Work on your research skills. It’s basic research to find that information But no offence only People who are gifted can comprehend most studies. Certainly this thread lacks it. So many variables that People can’t see, you could literally accuse some...
  16. D

    Creatine & Hair loss

    This is actually partially true, it’s only one piece of the pie consisting of many. But I see that you learned something from my previous post, but knowledge is still lacking in that Field Overall I agree more with rickthetoad. I don’t prefer long term keto though, but rather animal based...
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    Creatine & Hair loss

    Short and long term creatine supplementation does no harm to the kidneys in people with healthy kidneys. Whether creatine is fine for people with suboptimal kidney function is caution warranted because evidence is limited. It’s certainly not because of the test, conducting a study about it is...
  18. D

    Creatine & Hair loss

    No he has a point. People who already have bad kidney function aren’t allowed to take creatine and also need to pursue a low creatine diet. If you already get enough creatine through your diet and additionally supplement it, then you are unnecessarily overworking your kidneys and the body trying...
  19. D

    Creatine & Hair loss

    There is no such thing as non responder, fitness industry just don’t want to tell you that diet is enough. You either meet the threshold for Creatine levels and it’s benefits happening with either diet or additional supplementation if you can’t meet them with diet
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    Creatine & Hair loss

    Chicken is high in creatine as well and mixing it up with beef somedays would actually saturate your body enough with creatine so that additional supplementation wouldn’t be necessary