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    On vacation for a week, trying to get a girl here out

    Traveling in Europe for one more week, had met a cute Japanese girl in a cafe. Asked her out to find a good pub, she says she might not be able to meet this week due to lots of schoolwork. Any method of advertising you use to make going out seem awesome? I figure trying that won't hurt, unless...
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    High attraction but low chemistry

    But I'm also saying that shouldn't be the only tool in the box, even often kino alone won't be enough.
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    High attraction but low chemistry

    When things start out looking great with heavy IOIs, etc. Then after an hour, things fizzle out, she gives awkward vibes Some would say this is strictly due to not moving in on an escalation window But sometimes it's a date scenario where you had planned to eat, have little room to build...
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    Push/Pull, getting back "pull" and developing natural "push"?

    A few years ago when I first started with girls, I used to practice attracting ones who were somewhat attractive, but who weren't my ideal type. This created a powerful mindset of automatically not investing a lot of value into them, because of the obvious balance between nonverbally...
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    Changing plans to tonight, while being high value?

    What's the best way to suggest tonight, without seeming overeager? How true is it that girls are the easiest, right before leaving home? How would investment levels apply to this situation?
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    Does sex too soon ever actually decrease in women the potential for a longer relationship?

    In men it can make a girl look too easy to be taken seriously as longer-term potential But what about in women, is there any chance it could make her see you only sexually? Or is her attraction going to be too high for that to matter, and you can have her stick around regardless? Since a lot...
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    Renting a place close to one girl?

    Haven't banged this girl yet but there's mutual interest I'm currently abroad and will leave after 2-3 weeks The debate is, if I rent a hotel closer to where she lives it will make logistics easier for her to bang...but it will also look like I'm chasing and centering my plans around her...
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    Time between first and second dates

    Is there an ideal number of days? A length of time when if exceeded, it becomes very unlikely for anything to happen? Traditional advice says that you need to restart from square one if you've let enough time pass for the emotional momentum to fade... but then I also hear a lot about it being...
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    Did I completely screw this up?

    What if with a higher value girl comes a more difficult test, to weed out the guys who can't pass it?
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    Did I completely screw this up?

    I made a strong impression in person and got clear attraction signals.
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    Did I completely screw this up?

    So even if in replying to her "what are you doing tonight" I had said "come join me for a walk in the park" it wouldn't have been ideal, since I'd already asked what she was up to? She might not have even done it then anyway?
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    Did I completely screw this up?

    That would be yoyogi park.
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    Did I completely screw this up?

    So if at that point I'd suggested just walking around the park, it might also not have been important enough to have gotten her out that night?
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    Did I completely screw this up?

    If I could redo this situation, instead of saying I had different dinner plans than her, I would have put the "i'll stroll around the park tonight, you can come join me if you want" at that point instead of later. One possibility here is that she was interested in doing something with me that...
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    How do you pursue without chasing?

    Very interested in the topics you mentioned in this thread, that you plan to write more in depth about.
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    DJs should be Jedi

    Gray jedi ftw
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    Keep getting close to same night lay, then she flees and has second thoughts the next day

    Seems easy enough to pull a girl on first meet, making a strong impression and leading etc. If you bring her to your place, get her a drink, make out, fondle boobs, then she puts on the brakes and texts the next day saying that went too far... Is it just a sign to establish more comfort? What...
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    When you get attraction signals but resistance to dating

    Possible reasons: -She isn't comfortable yet with the idea of going out with someone she just met randomly in public -The attraction started good, but dwindled in the conversation or you revealed too much too early -What else?