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    Online Personals Without A Pic?

    Re: Re: post a pic It's a problem already if your worried about what other people think. Remember, A DJ doesn't worry about what other people think of them. Besides, your not the first/only person to post a personal on the net.Post your picture.
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    Your dating a great woman... BUT....

    You have Groucho Marx Syndrome ! "I wouldn't want to be in any club that would have me as a member !"
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    Self Control In Men Today

    That's got to be one of the best statements I think I've read thus far in reguards to being an AFC ! No truer words spoken.
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    Getting your girlfriend back

    Sigh... I'll be blunt with you here partner...It's done ! Ask any quy here who's heard those word and they'll pretty much tell you the same thing. I had a girl say the same thing to myself. So, I gave her time with no contact from me. Week later she wanted to get back together and I did. Six...
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    What to do with my GF

    Why did she tell you she called him ? If it was late at night and you wern't there why would she bother telling you ? She trying to stir something in you. Maybe to make you jelous. Maybe she's a drama queen. If she has high intrest in you and she's your girlfriend why would she need to talk to...
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    Should I Quit My Job?

    I couldn't agree more with this statement. If you want another job, go get one. If your doing it because your ex works there, that's a mistake. You have to stand tall and just deal. Like sexual_intellectual said, it will only make you stronger. If she tries to flirt with you, just totally blow...
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    DYD Mastery Series

    Well...yes. By posting here you have asked for it. This is a discussion forum. That means convo goes both way's partner. What I was implying was that there maybe other ways to get the info without having to spend $500 to get it. It was not intented to mock you, it was just advice. On second...
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    Anyone have a clue on what she might be thinking?

    MM, did you read the reply's ? Your gonna set yourself up for a fall. Let me spell it out for you. 1.Call her up and make a date for a specific time & date. Done ! Don't talk to her again till the date.Got it... 2. If she shows and you guy's have a good time, treat her like a girlfriend, not a...
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    Never ignore your gut feeling

    No truer word have been spoken! A lot of times I think guy's are afraid to go with their gut feeling because they may be wrong. I find that most of the time our gut feeling is correct. Hell, I'd rather be wrong than get screwed over. Go with the gut feeling. ;)
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    DYD Mastery Series

    Well, if you got money to burn...Myself, I'd go with the DJ Bible (free) and spend the money I saved on getting some nice clothes and going to some clubs and utilize the information gained from the the DJ Bible
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    Girl and her Ex

    Well, you can get yourself un-attached or she'll do it for you. The red light is flashing and the siren is wailing partner.All her ex will have to do is show her some interest and she'll go back to him. If she was really over him the topic of discussion wouldn't even come up, she wouldn't even...
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    Anyone have a clue on what she might be thinking?

    Playing hard to get ? Sounds more like just 'playing'. You still maybe have a chance here. Ask her out one more time, if she drops a cancellation or gives you an excuse why she cant go..thats it. No more contact from you. No emails, IM's, text messages or what have you.Don't call her to find out...
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    guys wanting girls back

    AMEN !
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    Fell off the bandwagon - Ex G/f

    WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF?????????? Exactly ! Why are you? If your doing what you say you are, why would you bother ! My ex's bday is today. A lot of our mutual friends are going out tonight to celebrate. Not me. I've been out with our friends and her before for other occations after we...
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    She likes me... and her ex, now she "wants to talk"

    I agree with GravyBoat. I have had that "I need to talk to you" speech before. It was when my ex-gf needed some time to get over her x-bf. I would have thought she was over him being that she was going out with me. So I gave her time. Three days later we were going back out again. Guess what ...
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    i love a girl that doesn't love me.

    i love a girl that doesn't love me There is no easy way to just get over a girl. Your going to have your thoughts & daydreams. There is no magic switch. You just have to be a MAN ! It's OK to have your feelings about that girl. Just don't act on them. Meaning, don't call her, follow her around...
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    "The courage to leave"

    The courage to leave I went out with a girl for almost a year. In the 4 months since we broke up I've lost lost 25 lbs., pretty much re-worked my wardrobe, spent time at this site and read some other books pertaining to self improvement, and know what ? I'm a better person today, being alone...
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    Finally got back my ex g/f

    This has to be a joke. I have to believe he's being sarcastic here. Because if he's being serious, he'll be back here within a month pissin & moanin how she dumped him with the LJBF. Oh well.
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    Can you give me some quick advice on this one?

    She had sex with you twice and then she sends you an article about having sex early on is a bad thing. Hum, I smell a playa here. If you have been having sex and shes been the one to start things, even if she wasn't, that would make me think twice about how stable this chick is. Just something...
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    BJ's and Condoms

    If your looking for info I think this site is pretty informative on the subject. It is published by the San Fransisco Health Dept.Check it out HERE