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    eHarmony profile.

    What in your answers would make you stand out from anybody else on the site? I see online dating as being a lot like marketing. If you have nothing seemingly unique/better to offer, if you have nothing that differentiates you from the competition, you probably won't stand out enough to get any...
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    Ways Women Avoid Responsibility

    Likewise, numerous people have written about it before you. What changed between when they wrote about it and you wrote about it? Why do you think you are the last word on the subject? I respect and enjoy your writing. Just because Rollo Tomassi addressed it doesn't mean it is a closed subject...
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    The Four Types of Men

    I'm curious: why do you say somebody will get hurt, that you will be a douchebag and that you will leave a trail of emotional wreckage by having sex with several different women? You aren't responsible for her emotional state or what she brings to future relationships. If you respect somebody...
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    Your top tips

    You're kidding right?
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    Ways Women Avoid Responsibility

    STR8UP I think you are exactly right. And I agree that accountability is a better fit for what I'm talking about than responsibility. I'm definitely NOT generalizing about a specific age range or type of woman such as party girls either. I see these techniques used by women that hold senior...
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    Why men should get married by the time they are 40

    Exactly. Women also say they want nice guys. Yet their actions show they prefer jerks and a$$holes instead. Like Jophil says: take no notice of what they say they want.
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    Ways Women Avoid Responsibility

    But couldn't you make a similar argument for the man being emotionally charged due to his testosterone? Think about hotheaded guys that are aggressive and competitive, prone to fight. We have to make a conscious effort to be logical at times too and consider guys that can't control their...
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    Having trouble landing 2nd dates, need advice

    If I was in your shoes I would wait a week. Then I would call her and tell her I want to take her out on X night at X time to X place. Take away the variables so the only decision she has to be responsible for is yes or no.
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    Having trouble landing 2nd dates, need advice

    I think Jophil nailed it. You led her through the date and escalated confidently and you did well. Afterwards though, you did some AFC stuff like texting her (are you afraid to call?) and telling her you hope she feels the same way (are you looking for her approval?). Think about things like...
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    Fifteen Lessons

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    The Four Types of Men

    I don't visit other parts of the forum much and I suspect this may be true of some of the other mature DJs. I posted the following in response to a post on sociopaths and was interested in getting your thoughts so I'm posting it here. This is aimed at recent questions around PUAs vs. AFCs vs...
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    Ways Women Avoid Responsibility

    STR8UP -- good thoughts on accountability. Maybe a better way of putting this is to say that they are every bit capable of controlling their emotions as a man but generally prefer not to because they can get away with it. When they need to or want to though, they are entirely capable. A lot...
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    Sociopath - The Perfect Definition Of A Dj..!!!!!!!!!

    In no particular order: Player - A sociopath. Life is centered on himself with 0 concern for others. Socially proficient. Lies and manipulates to achieve his ends. Often a natural with women because he (easily) beats them at their own game. DJ - A man that was never corrupted or schooled away...
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    Ways Women Avoid Responsibility

    (I was going to put this in the Discussion Forum but I didn't want the thread crapped on by young AFCs.) I read The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar for the 2nd time yesterday. The book provides an interesting perspective and is fertile with ideas to explore. One thing in particular popped into...
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    Why do girls make out with eachother?

    Attention or to achieve some kind of social end.
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    You're not responsible for her feelings. Anyways, why would you be telling her to fvck off? Just tell her, as one adult to another, that it's not working out.
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    How to respond to: "I'm only gonna do [sexual act] for my future husband"?

    It depends on if this sexual act is a must-have or a nice-to-have for you. If it is a must-have, then she isn't the girl for you and you can explain this to her as you walk her to the door. If she is really interested in you, she will do it. That is for sure. If it is a nice-to-have, then...
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    Dispel the myth that women are smarter than men both socially and otherwise...

    Women have been trained for a long time to notice and analyze the tiniest details. They have a finely developed social sense. They also have been trained for a long time to manipulate men. So I would say that most women are better than both than most men. However, I believe that the true player...
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    Stop the cold approaching, please

    Why would I want to pull from my social circle? That's social inbreeding. Snowman brother, you need to work on your beliefs. Everything you wrote is 100% wrong. Most guys here can't get girls because they spend all their free time on this site writing dumb posts or pining for some some bimbo...
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    The Science Of James Bond's Success - Article

    I assume that when the article/study says "success with women" that this is just a polite way of saying "have fvcked the most women". The study got one thing right: I question the validity of the methods used to conduct parts of the study however: Most men are going inflate their...