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    If you get one date out of ten approaches, is that success

    This will help you put everything into perspective: Look at yourself as a form of energy. You start at 100% and When your energy is at 0% then your personality is deadpan. Approaching women takes only a small amount of energy. Approaching is seeing an attractive girl and speaking to her...
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    Dumped by main plate for NOT BEING AN AFC?

    From what I've read, you did everything correctly. She tried to make you conform and you resisted. Personally, I think if you go back then she has to apologize and whatever happens has to be on your terms. This is highly unlikely so don't hold your breath. Or You could get back with her...
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    Do girls that were interested in you totally forget about you after nc

    Some do and some don't but if you have had them once Then going back is pointless
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    Man has over 100K worth of surgery to look like Bieber.

    Wow what a jackass
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    Scarcity Mentality

    There are a seemingly infinite number of pvssies out there to slay. Don't let one hold you back
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    Girlfriend of 5 years cheated (99.9% sure)

    ^^true, especially if it "just sorta happened" :rock:
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    Girlfriend of 5 years cheated (99.9% sure)

    I would say ,at most, she made out with the guy or If her friends are sluts then the guy probably fingered her or she blew him Either way she cheated. And that leaves you with three choices.. 1. Dump her as harsh as possible (Get her feeling good and loved then proceed to ignore her for the...
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    What you guys doing tonight?

    It is what it is bro
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    What do you guys do if a woman wants to make you wait?

    Agree with her, keep touching, then stop
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    "Be yourself" is the WORST advice in the history of mankind!!

    Lying about yourself may be morally wrong, sure. but If you only care about increasing your notch count and not cultivating a ltr then lie away, my friend
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    What you guys doing tonight?

    Today i approached four girls. Got blown out three times and fvcked a chick on her period
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    ***Never lose your frame or backpedal when you're an a**hole***

    ^^ im going to assume you are a woman
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    Going to a bar or a club alone, what to do ?

    I fly solo 95 percent of the time. I also travel a lot so when I get to a new place I game some guys and attach to their group. Sorta like a home base. Whenever a female catches my eye I peel off and do my thing. If I fail then I go back to home base and wait until I see someone else. If she...
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    Meeting women online vs. the field Which is better?

    Online game was built for women. You are just a message to them but they hold the power. I'm on pof and it has only warranted me one lay. One lay out of the many females I hit up. Lol Might delete it. Or I may keep trying for another online lay. In RL I am excellent tho. The conversations are...
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    Extremely Sexually Attracted but not Physically Attracted o.0

    From what I've read, she is beneath you. Dangle the relationship like a carrot until she gives up
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    If she cheated WITH you

    There is no need for discussion. Your chances of finding a woman that won't cheat are damn near zero. Matter fact last night at work (I'm a cna) a lady came in to visit her grandmother. She looked young but was 28 petite and very stupid. I talked to her and she told me things about how her...
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    Girlfriend says she doesn't want me as much... wth??

    It may be fixed for now but you're just putting a band aid on something that needs surgery. Next time she acts up and I can assure you that she will then it's time to jet. Three months is long enough. Get your plates ready
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    Basic Views/Attitudes Necessary For A DJ

    All around good post, but ninety five percent of America's male population know this. They just lack the initiative to put it into action and the balls to put a woman in her place because they're so worried about losing her. Sad but true. Their lack of discipline leads to the guys like us...
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    I do not get the hype behind college years being the best years of a guy's life

    My friend u are wrong. I dont play football or basketball. I wrestle and I have no problem getting laid whatsoever.