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    Ignore a cold girlfriend?

    You make a good point and this may be true. She has taken some actions that shows she is invested in things with me. Her 7 year old son told her the other day that he wanted me to be his stepdad. I have been good to her and her son. The kid loves me. I have wondered if its more of a “comfort...
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    Ignore a cold girlfriend?

    She does have some issues with anxiety, which I feel is true for every woman nowadays. In retrospect, she has been sweet in some ways. I was sick last week, and she made me food, bought me groceries, etc.
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    Ignore a cold girlfriend?

    She’s 35. Yes I wonder about her mental health. The hottie is a little nurse so she be fun!
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    Ignore a cold girlfriend?

    Should I even respond to her last text and call or just keep silent?
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    Ignore a cold girlfriend?

    I have been on my mission, busy with work, hitting the gym, and getting in better shape, focusing on friends and hobbies. However, my girl and I have been seeing each other for a few years now, and she has a son that loves me. However, my girl has been distant and less engaging. When we try to...
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    When should you ignore a woman?

    Ill repost with greater detail
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    When should you ignore a woman?

    When should you ignore a woman? How long? What has your experience been?
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    What has your experience been with doing no contact with an ex?

    What has your experience been with doing no contact with an ex? Did you end up getting back together ? Grow more as an individual?
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    Breakup. Plate to Spin or No contact?

    Thanks for the input. You are on point and it's why forums like this are good. It helps to get the right mindset back.
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    Breakup. Plate to Spin or No contact?

    My girlfriend and I recently broke up. She initiated the breakup I do care for her. However, she continues to be down to have sex and asks me to go over to spend the night with her. Should I continue and turn her into a plate as I have fun with other women or go no contact with her?
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    Would you **** a porn star ?

    It depends on who she is. I do not find them all attractive.
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    How to turn an ex girlfriend into a plate?

    I have an ex-girlfriend that I would like to turn into another plate to spin. We broke up awhile back and I started a relationship with someone new. I do not want a committed relationship with her again , but I do like to spin plates. The ex-girlfriend reaches out to me about 95% of the time...
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    Spinning plates

    Should a man always be spinning plates ? If not , then when should a man stop spinning plates?
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    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?

    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?
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    Anyone here smashed or had luck with Middle Eastern/Persian/Arab chicks?

    Once I did with one here the United States. Basically, was the same as many other women I have been involved with.
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    Mangina Behavior in a Relationship. A Brief Case Study on What Not To Do.

    I made some of these mistakes when I was younger before I became more aware of ****. A man should always take lead in his relationship and not act like a woman. This can be helpful to some that might not get it yet.
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    Texting between dates

    A little texting is good, but I read somewhere that women should be doing the majority of the chasing..
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    I recently started a relationship with a new woman. She has been great and is a sweetheart. She and I have talked about having a threesome and including another woman. My Girl is in her early 30s . The girl we are considering is 24 years old and is a former fitness model. She is really hot. I...
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    Taking another man's woman.

    Thank you all for your straightforward advice and comments . I appreciate it and I am really happy that I found this forum. I decided to just have fun with her and not take things seriously which has worked out really well. I was spinning plates and have had some other women on the side but not...