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    How do you tell when a girl is interested?

    You are asking a pointless question. Just assume all women you talk to are interested in you romantically. Then go from that point of view. You are just afraid of rejection. Asking for a number and being denied is way better than looking back and wondering "what if?" I mean look at this post.
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    How often do you get flaked on?

    So far my number of flakes is practically non-existant. But I don't usually ask for the number if I don't feel the girl is interested, but even that doesn't happen that much. If I talk to a girl and get to show my personality, she usually likes me. Therefore I think my inner game is pretty...
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    I have a thin Frame but a belly

    While sorting through some papers last month I saw some pamplet about colon health and colon cleansing and it sounded interesting. But I'm not the type of person to be sold on marketing hype, so I did some online research. I found this site and thought it was pretty interesting...
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    FR: I choked today

    I imagine you know enough now to realize how important inner game is. Once you get your inner game handled a lot of other things become much easier. But the thing is, getting your inner game handled to become a real man takes time. Do you think 20 or 30 years of hard core social programming can...
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    Operative Social Conventions

    Rollo: As has been said by others, I understand and agree with what you are saying. Of course as RedPill says you are sort of preaching to the choir here. But this has got me thinking, and at the risk of derailing this thread, I have to ask: how did women get so much power to cause all the...
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    FR: I choked today

    I tell myself "everyone has ups and downs, and this too shall pass." It always does.
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    Summer Approach Journal

    I don't think there is any better way to get over approach anxiety. It is simple, straightforward, and as your inner game improves you might be surprised how many positive responses you get. I mean even on your FIRST approach you got a nice response. FYI I've used this question when talking to...
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    The Style Life Challenge - boot camp with Style

    Wow, sounds cool, I'm signing up. It is nice to see Style is still thinking of us "little people" now that he has such fame and fortune! :)
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    Hey You!! Restrain from masterbating then approach!!

    I've been going a week at a time for the past few weeks. It definitely helps, but I'm a little worried it might have two possible bad side affects: When I do meet a girl I'll be so horny I'll come off as desperate, OR My sex drive will go down because of the habit of not wacking it while also...
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    Small Town Sarging

    Good update NorPac. I always enjoy reading your field reports. Like I said before it is crazy how much chics seem to be into you. Like you said above, you are opened so much your friends can't even believe it. So you are definitely doing something right. Keep it up, but remember to keep...
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    for you hardcore AFC's... change may be gradual!

    Great post, and so true. True internal change can take a long time to manifest. If you look at any of the "master PUAs" it took them years to get their current skill level. Mystery, Style, Tyler Durden, David D, Pook and the rest. But you mustn't despair because I bet overall those were some...
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    FR: New kid in town - the rebirth of Vulpine

    This is another example of why we guys in populated areas CANNOT F*CKING COMPLAIN, because we basically have an infinite selection of ladies compared to poor Vulpine and other dudes in small towns. Vulpine: I think you are rocking given the situation. Keep it up. Now I need to go kick my own...
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    Is it ok for me to cry now? ... but im a man

    If you want to cry, then f*cking cry. All this "be a man and control your emotions" can be taken too far. If you are alone and feel bad, then CRY! Crying exists for a reason, it helps you rid yourself of negative emotions. It is cathartic. I'm sorry to hear about your bad childhood. Though we...
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    How do I become ****y,confident and funny???

    I was on a first date with a girl...we had watched a DVD in the downstairs part of my sister's house. She was slightly older than me, and to leave we had to go upstairs so I told her "Careful, don't break a hip walking up the stairs." She laughed and playfully shoved me in the arm. I had been...
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    How do I become ****y,confident and funny???

    You clearly have no idea what C&F is. Stop looking for the quick fix, start reading the DJ Bible and stop b*tching on these boards! Please!!!
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    TO THE:Moderators why do you guys keep deleting my threads??

    You continue to defeat yourself by posting such drivel yet you are too blind to see it.
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    BadmAnnaz 40HB Approach Journal ;-)

    You are doing great BM, but seriously, go for the number close!!! What are you waiting for if those two hotties from your class are showing so much interest? It is good to be mysterious but mystery can become "has no balls" if you wait too long to make a move. Lately my game has been very...
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    scenario: 2 GUYS, 1 GIRL, both hitting on her @ the same time.

    Try to get a mindset that it is more important to get the skill, not the girl. That way if you do get blown out by another guy, you might actually learn something from him. AMOGing is a pretty advanced tactic and should probably only be tried when you are pretty sure your game is tight...
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    The Game - Justin

    I am going to try this at least once.
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    Check Out Myspace!

    I don't mean to be a hater but what does this have to do with picking up women?