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    Water Polo training

    Most important thing is your endurance as you are treading water for long periods. So playing the sport is your number one priority. If you have a coach he should be getting the team doing circuits, shuttle runs etc etc. As for the gym, general strengthening, maybe some work with the medicine...
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    Simple tips

    Take a look at Charles Poliquin's German Body Composition training. Generally whole body workouts using upper/lower body supersets. Take a couple of weeks to work up to the required intensity. It's a tough routine. This link tells you plenty although Poliquin does have a book on it which is...
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    Best Supplements for Mass/Strength

    Interesting observation about Tribulus. I always found it to be effective while plenty others get nothing from it. I think you have to get a good one. Can't really argue with you on creatine, protein and glutamine. Meal replacements packs are good for mass if you can add at least 2 or 3 of...
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    Is it kosher to do Chest one day and Biceps the next?

    Fair point Reto. Furthermore, if you have all that experience then I'm sure you have a certain level of expertise that we could all benefit from, not least from the years of training at Lee Haney's gym. I am assuming you are referring the The Animal Kingdom in Atlanta Georgia. Does he still...
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    Need to bulk up. Need help with a routine. *novice*

    I agree with you dude. Excellent point regarding sets, intensity etc. What I disagree with is the notion that you have to train just one or at most two bodyparts together with a large amount of sets and be in the gym 4-5 or even 6 days per week. Sure you CAN do that (well I defy anyone to...
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    Need to bulk up. Need help with a routine. *novice*

    LOL. Sorry dude but you are always going to hear different ideas on training wherever you decide to look. Best thing to do is to research and then make a decision as to what you want to do. Experiment to see what you find works. If you have been doing your routine for 3-4 weeks then stick...
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    Is it kosher to do Chest one day and Biceps the next?

    There we all are having a good discussion about our training ideas and you have to take it down a level. I am not pretending I know this or that (I certainly know more than you but then that's not saying much), what I write here stems from my many years of training and I hope someone may...
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    Need to bulk up. Need help with a routine. *novice*

    This is the rare kind of occasion where I think training more often can be beneficial. Rank novices have not learned to generate the same intensity as more advanced lifters and are usually super enthusiastic so 4-5 days per week of medium intensity stuff is ok. And yes, I agree with LL that...
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    Is it kosher to do Chest one day and Biceps the next?

    Who gave you the idea it's not as efficient or beneficial? If I were to train 3 days per week and you 4, and our progress was the same, then which would be more efficient? I would wager I make MORE progess on 3 days per week or EOD at most than you do on 4 or 5. Why do I thihk this? I have...
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    Anyone know where I can find products like xenadrine and hydroxycut that CONTAIN eph

    The unfortunate banning of ephedra extract in the USA is more of an appeasement to the pharmaceutical industry rather than a concern for the health of you guys. I get loads of the stuff that originates from the States, gonna stock up big time now and then source out a good manufacturer over here.
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    Navy Seals Training Program

    Look's good. I've always liked that basic military style training. Personally would like to go a little faster than 8:30 pace though, especially towards the end where fitness should be up. I got into running a few years back and within 3 weeks I was at 7 min pace before I stopped as I was...
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    Is it kosher to do Chest one day and Biceps the next?

    That's the point - If you perform a 'conventional' amount of sets then the workout is prone to last too long, so do less sets! I am not talking Mike Mentzer style, that's too extreme in my view, but less than you are conditioned (through the BS in the mags) to perform. Last week I did back...
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    Is it kosher to do Chest one day and Biceps the next?

    Damn right I do. EOD at the most which is slightly more than 3 days per week. If you can't make gains on 3 days per week then you aren't training hard and/or intelligently enough. I have trained for 15 yrs, both myself and numerous guys in the gym, including national caliber bodybuilders...
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    Sore Muscles Post workout...help

    Vitamin E (with C) to help prevent free radical induced cellular damage and creatine for ATP recovery.
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    Is it kosher to do Chest one day and Biceps the next?

    I don't like to see the genetically average, chemically unassisted guy train 2 days straight no matter what bodyparts are involved. It is SO easy to overtrain.
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    Jim Carrey keeps wasting our time!

    Gotta agree with that. Jim is far better when he's really goofy! I'm laughing now just thinking about Dumb and Dumber:D Saw Man In The Moon last night for the first time. Enjoyed that one.
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    What to eat naturally...to get big

    Do your own research on that one. There are a myriad of sites and books with the info you seek. By the way, whole food first, supplements second. Not the other way around.
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    Cheaper MRP's just as good?

    Not quite, as the MRP will contain other forms of protein, carbs and vitamins. But the weight gain type products I mentioned are fine to use as substitutes. Good point about Ellis and his promotion of overpriced EAS. A better MRP in my view is AST's Nytro Pro 40. Damn! AST Should pay me...
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    Cheaper MRP's just as good?

    I think you are getting a little carried away with this skinnyguy stuff. You take in more calories than you burn up you get bigger, ok? Obviously high protein, good quality carbs and healthy fats. Why spend extra on Myoplex when the examples I gave you will do the same thing for less money...
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    Sore Muscles Post workout...help

    Ensure that your post-workout nutrition is totally nailed and you are getting enough sleep. That will help for starters. If you need to, alter your workout frequency so particular muscle groups have longer to recover. You could also change you rep range from week to week, 12 or so as you...