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    The "blue" pill

    Reddit is interesting due to its size, but it's a ****ing mess for quality control. It's a very young-acting crowd. It also is too big a community to really acquire a rep or for people to see through your own blind spots (I grew much more from SS). Context prevents fights and grounds advice...
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    I broke up with my GF. Good Choice?

    Des man, I've been to an event like this, some are tamer than you think. Wanting to go to an event like this mostly from curiosity to see what it's about doesn't necessarily make your GF low-quality. I wonder about scenesters though. Whatever your feelings on the fetish angle, it's still a bad...
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    Seeing red cars and confirmation bias.

    I need space to reset. If I come back here it will be to set a positive example, and stay above arguing. This site was inspirational to me once because there were some talented writers with a lot of literary flair, positivity, humor, and insight. If I am back, I will be trying to hold myself...
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    Seeing red cars and confirmation bias.

    I have always respected your posts, I'm sorry to see you go, and I agree 100%. So mission accomplished Warrior, stand easy. I may check out of the bar here too. I've sent some PMs too to be honest, this place is painful these days, but I don't see it changing. I can't actually discuss...
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    Overcoming shaming - being different

    Tell her it's between you and young lover. Those who begrude others their happiness and love, no matter where they find it, are usually toxic influences. For detractors, you are just going to need to have confidence in yourself and your choices. I would stay away from snark and fighting with...
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    Makes out with me but won't put out...

    Read the DJ bible, this is a fundamental.
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    How does it feel knowing most of you will end up with a slut?

    You can have a good time with slvts, slvts can be good people -- which doesn't mean you have to marry one. YOU set your conditions for a long-term partner, not social pressures on you. What's "DJ" is to not give a fvck about what society thinks, what SS members thinks, it's to know yourself...
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    Makes out with me but won't put out...

    You only met her a week ago, you are "definitely interested" in seeing her exclusively, and have been together everyday for at least an hour or two. I'm not gonna shoot your budding romance down, but be careful about sinking a lot of time or hope into a girl before you know her. If you don't...
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    Tale of a Homeless Man

    There are definitely people off the grid, I've been in at least 2 homes set up to live self-sufficiently. Of course it's in the wilds of Canada. Buddha man, make sure you have a backup plan if you blow out your knee. It's a great life but job security is nil. Maybe this is weird too but I...
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    RSD Nation is even more ridiculous than Sosuave

    If you are attractive guy and organize your whole life around that, yeah it could work. I remember one week where I was with three different girls, that sh!t is not for me. I felt a bit like I was losing my identity. It was in a hostel so of course there is a bit of a girl rotation and...
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    Interesting Fitness Article

    http://archive.mensjournal.com/everything-you-know-about-fitness-is-a-lie Pretty cool read. Comes down to Starting Strength in the end too :D
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    Busted by Wife...hysterical crying, no mention of divorce....

    Ain't there a song about this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHF9itPLUo4
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    How to tell if she's playing or just conflicted.

    That's an interesting thing you said. Protocols exist because it's easy to miss crucial details if your state is less than 100%. For instance, if you're overtasked, if you're dehydrated, if you're tired, etc. That's why protocols are everywhere -- high-volume kitchens, climbing, the military...
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    why do women complain that they are pass up for CEO jobs?

    Actually something like 86% of women eventually want to raise children rather than spend their entire life working. So the ~10% of women in CEO positions is more or less representative.
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    Would you take dating advice from this woman?

    Lightning was once "magic" too right? http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/other-shows/videos/other-shows-science-of-sex-appeal-videos.htm Feminists talking about attraction are like the medieval church talking about physics Edit: Here's a nice general summary
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    "Waiting" as DJ

    The issue is simply when "pointing out the negative aspects" becomes the end in itself, rather than the means to "working out solutions". As SL said, anger can be a virtue, which is true, it can be energizing and drive you to make changes. Chronic anger or chronic negativity, or chronic...
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    How did you 1st click with your wife?

    Much like this guy Clip is from Peep Show.
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    "Waiting" as DJ

    Those guys who "topple governments and build nations" are almost always inspirational. If we go from ignorant to enlightened: 1) I can't see beyond what I'm told 2) I can see how I'm been manipulated/betrayed 3) I can see a brighter future, and you should follow me there The manosphere has...
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    "Waiting" as DJ

    Still counts though. You don't get a "limp wristed enabling mangina with your transparent liberal snark shaming attitude" exception, anger is anger. Which is one thing I need to back off of as well.
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    "Waiting" as DJ

    Tits man, you do seem pretty angry. I've learned somewhere that you personally got a pretty rough deal in court, so I can see where it's coming from, but you still gotta live though right? I can't say I'd do better than you in your position, I have gotten undeservedly lucky in escaping bad...