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    A recovering chump

    Welcome you’ve taken a great first step in recovering. As many have said start with reading the material rational male it has been one of the best reads of my life!!! Next start to pay attention to the way you react in your former afc behavior, then start screening women for qualities that you...
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    Ljbf negative reaction

    Yea I definitely won’t reach out to her I stand by my decision and there are plenty of other girls who would like to hang out with me, It’s the first time I’ve ever done this and I’m thinking why haven’t I done this earlier, I swear women just want you to kiss their asses but nah no more of that...
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    Ljbf negative reaction

    I know right she got mad at me for having boundaries and being honest I felt powerful though, it was funny that she tried to make me feel like I did something wrong it was really strange how mad she got like threw a tantrum like a little baby
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    Ljbf negative reaction

    So I’ve been friends with this girl for a while, through mutual friends, she would flirt with me and want to hang out weekly, I made a move and got rejected so I cut her off. She contacted me randomly and I decided I was gonna reject her ljbf offer due to me trying to leave my arc behavior...