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    how do u know

    First of all, RTFM! Oh, sorry... READ THE ****IN MATERIAL! Read the DJ Bible, read DYD, read MM, read, read, read... Yet, those places/books are the last ones where you can find the answer. ( I'm tellin g people since long time ago to use their brains instead of sosuave ) You will have to deal...
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    Player's Song (finally)

    It is very true that some songs evoke feelings that make you wanna go out and start picking up girls. Songs like " Down Boy" by Kylie Minogue just increase or boost up the sex drive, or i.e.: Superstar by Jamelia are good for confidence. Years ago i always listened Slipknot, Mudvayne, Slayer...
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    2006 World Cup Finals

    shshshsh... do you really care what i think and say... hmmm... Diagnosis: Bad Ass BETA!
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    2006 World Cup Finals

    shshshshshsh... quiet... don't tell everyone what a beta male you are! (insulting other people and makin fun, than we wonder where are the real don juans):cool:
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    Player's Song (finally)

    Finally i have heard a song that puts me in the "player mode" and it is... Shakira- Hips Dont Lie In order to explain better the feeling I get when I listen to this song, LISTEN IT! Some quotes: 1. "Oh baby when you talk like that You know you got me...
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    2006 World Cup Finals

    There is no need to discuss this thing! If Brasil would make two teams, both of them would get to the finals. Carlos, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Baptista, Ramon, Adriano, Cicinho, Ricardinho... if i was head of FIFA i would give the cup to them right now and cancel the World Cup. Anyway I will...
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    Things you did that changed your reputation?

    If you change gradually people will accept it better BUT who cares. At least alphas dont and i bet that's what everyone wants to be!
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    ive been a$$ raped

    Look man, I really know how it feels to be in love and to be hurt by that special girl... but believe me, it's not worth of, not her, not anyone in this world. I have found the secret formula that worx in these cases (at least 4 me)! I usually would go out with firends, when i'm hurt, and find...
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    Eurovision Song Contest

    I hope LORDI wins !!!
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    I told off and hung up on an HB9

    SO TRUE... If girls would have been smart they would never be attracted to the players like we are but, as a matter of fact... THEY DO
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    guy harrassing gf trying to get her to leave me for him? just **** him up?

    dude i'm sure that wherever u live, there are guns. and bullets too... right? BUT i dont know... based on your post i think that u r in long term with this girl... THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM
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    How to raise £6000 in one year..

    That's not a big amount of money, anyway i dont have enough pocket money myself. A part of my family is tightly connected with organized crime (and i'm considered a tough guy too) yet i dont have enough pocket money. Plus when you add the fact that in my country is the most perfect organized...
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    Goths and emo kids are stupid.

    sex with goth girls is great! they're so ****in' (trying to be like their role models) that once my back was bleeding. it is good, but sometimes it looks more like a rape or a fight than sex.
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    Post your pics! (unless your scared)

    never. hi5 brings me enough girls:)
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    Mystery v. Gunwitch methods :conflict

    Gunwitch is better 4 me. Every girl i had, i made feeling sexualy attracted to me before i kissed her. Being sexual is a big key.
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    Your Approach Method

    Situation relevance matters, but most of the times i go like this: You're probably not from here, cuz i would have noticed such beauty. This might not work fork ugly dudes tho.
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    Post your pics! (unless your scared)

    www.myspace.com/sagliani Dont show it to your girlfriends.
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    This is good right?

    Positive attitude works better than any other thing. Combining that with a year and a half reaserch on girl's minds, i became the one i am. Before i enforced positive attitude and started learning i had only 2 girls.
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    Oh so now I'm ****y

    Look man you really dont have to be ****y at all. C&F and all other DeAngelo's stuff are only good for inner game. Read the bible. Be the caring guy who takes no sh!t. I always use what i call italian technique, but actually it's not technique at all. (cuz if it was technique it wouldn't be so...