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    When a girl comes back around

    The funny thing is that a lot of guys fit into Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in that they create obstacles that aren’t really there because they think things have to be harder than they are in order to be working. The specific advice given regarding not thinking about it and projecting an...
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    How to get rid of a BPD girl?...

    Only two options work. AFC beta to the extreme or tell her you think she has BPD. The second one you need to be very careful with.
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    Break up just happened

    Here’s the problem OP.... you are getting mad a woman for doing what is in her nature. Getting mad gives her power because anger is not the opposite of love. Indifference drives women crazy. The way to handle situations like this is to say ok and then move on as if nothing happened and not...
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    Strange LJBF

    No woman is worth the drama of an angry guy chasing after you. It’s obvious that she is bored to tears of her fiancé because he is the sub in the relationship and she’s the dom. This is why a man must be the man and not a ***** in a relationship. Once a women doesn’t respect you the...
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    Ouch that hurts

    Women will make it clear that they are in pain. Just assume they aren’t. It’s not being insensitive but rather understanding that being overly sensitive will kill the mood. Most women prefer skill over size. Sure there are always size queens, but not all of us are blessed genetically.
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    nicksaiz65 Odyssey

    Nick, I enjoy reading your journal entries. I do not know if you do this, but I do recommend making list of things you need to do for each day and for each week and month and even year along with a calendar. Review it each day and plan your day to address what you need to do versus what you...
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    Good Dates for College Girls?

    College girls are fairly easy and impressionable. You either show them something cool or do something daring. Invite them over to check out your music or dare them to go skinny dipping somewhere. The beach is great if it is close by. Sunset spots are great, star gazing works as well...
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    What do you guys do when....

    Sure it’s great to have external validation, but ask yourself why you feel the need for a woman to give you that validation. Ultimately, we all want reassurance that we are doing well and improving and that’s where goals come into play. Completing goals and rewarding yourself for reaching...
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    Could money or personality factor be important if youre good looking?

    Looks help to draw a woman to you, but women can lose attraction if you aren’t interesting, mysterious, fun, and displaying high value. For guys we gravitate to women with sex appeal and tend to stick around with bitchy women. Ever dated a knockout but when she opened her mouth you literally...
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    Thrown off by Text message

    Sadly texting has killed language. We all get that people use shorthand speak while texting. It’s to save time and effort. The issue here is that you are too focused timeframes instead of your responses. The girl texted you a low effort text of wyd and you ignored it because you recognized...
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    "All my losses were lessons.."

    In anything it’s good to review and rehash to fix things. The issue comes when you are constantly dying to change things to fit situations rather than just acknowledging that you misread interest. Of course it also depends on your objectives. For a one night lay or a one off it is more about...
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    Was she playing hard to get? Did she have low interest? Or was she just mentally unstable.

    Something tells me you missed some red flags or you saw them and ignored them. Suicidal + sexual identify confusion are two of the DSM criteria for BPD. Chances are she had at 3 more and more than likely had 7-9 out of 9. You dodged a bullet as she was likely mentally ill.
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    Being bitter about female behaviour = pointless

    It’s understandable to get upset because it’s part of being human. It is a waste of time and energy. Getting upset changes nothing and can affect your health,
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    Women wanting to look after you while you're sick

    It’s actually a positive quality. It’s fine to say you prefer convalescing by yourself, but for the most part a woman wanting to take care of you is a positive thing.
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    Women with Baggage = A Good Thing

    It’s never good thing unless you are a sociopath and want to exploit a woman’s vulnerabilities.
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    Do we realize that 99% of posts here all stem from trying to increase interest level?

    I think it comes down to two things. How to project value to women while remaining congruent, and recognizing when a woman is conveying interest. Raising interest is a misnomer because if we accept the idea that women make the decision about attractiveness in very short time then it would be...
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    Anyone else get this feeling?

    Solo approaching is much more difficult than being with a wingman or a group because you alone have to carry the conversation. Most guys struggle with the solo dynamic because it’s extremely difficult to be “on” all the time and it is exhausting to try. With two or more you get time to rest...
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    How I got Gaslighted.

    As mentioned gaslighting occurs because the gaslighted person has poor boundaries. You can’t control the gaslighter you can only control if you tolerate gaslighting or stick around someone who is gaslighting. Would you tolerate an abuser? If not, then you shouldn’t tolerate a gaslighter as...
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    Beginner Questions about the Rational Male

    Different strategies work for different guys and you need to figure out what works for you. I like the “cheeky” humorous deflection. For the first question you can say “A gentleman never tells” or some derivation thereof. You aren’t lying you are conveying that you are choosing not to discuss...
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    If you're not red pill yet, keep this in mind

    I think it’s also about how women typically disengage from men. Women rarely just up and leave. They usually start losing attraction and then they look around at their options and develop suitable back-up options and often they have multiple options to address multiple needs. They will have...