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    Official Thread for Audio/Visual pickup tools

    anyone have some actual footage i know its harder to share than just tips, but theres gotta be some nice video/audio from the field.
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    She has a boyfriend

    show enough interest to get her thinking, then withdraw, keep doing this and see if she makes a move or shows interest in u if not then u can next her,
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    Elimidate & Other Dating Shows

    watched ur blind date show man, well done.. I think you made a good point about getting various aspects of ur life together, to be truly confident you need to feel complete in that sense..
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    Official Thread for Audio/Visual pickup tools

    I read the game by neil strauss a couple times, and I realized although I do keep up on printed material, i need to see things in action to really internalize it.. I'm just wondering if you guys have any audio / video clips youd like to share. some sites you can use to upload are...
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    ULTIMATE Dance Floor Guide

    id rather see the elimidate clip, but thanks anyways maybe i need to take dance lesssons :woo:
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    What do you dislike most about women?

    the lack of honest/trustworthiness is my main problem but that laffy taffy comment cracked me up
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    Would you bang her?

    she seems like a ***** wouldnt **** her regardless of how hot she was... and all of u guys acting all AFC around her.. sad
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    Changing my style

    i rock a street prep look I usually layer nice sweaters w/ dress shirts / polos also i wear alot of tees w/ hoodies and stuff, but i pair them with nice jeans I also rock sneakers, caz i hate dress shoes (unless its a special occasion) some of the brands i wear alot : Nike, Levi's ...
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    Why MSN is s**t.

    its like AIM but more popular in Canada/Europe
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    ULTIMATE Dance Floor Guide

    i really want to see the clip, could someone please re-host it please.. great thread btw
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    Fifteen Lessons

    loved this post, summed up everything, in a enjoyable and informative package.. ur posts are always some of the best
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    dealing with common sh!t tests

    very nice points, im beginning to realize that this happens alot more than i ever noticed in the past.. its not that difficult for me because my natural personality is very sarcastic/laid back, so its just a matter of bringing that out when the time comes.. my main thing is that i cant...
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    dealing with common sh!t tests

    she knew the other guy already, and she looked like she guienly was interested when she saw him, but the comment was out of notwhere. we werent talking about him up to that point, any chance was just pointing out another guy to make me jealous.. i didnt say anything about him, or why she...
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    dealing with common sh!t tests

    I seem to always have **** tests used against me by girls (particualrly the hotter ones), and i have a troubling identifying common ones , and afterwards dealing with these when they do arise.. Today i was with this chick, and it was all good until she met some of her friends, at which point...
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    This guy calls my friend (girl) 10 times and it worked. I'm shocked.

    nice post cardio, totally agree... i think people complicate things, when its really just having the balls to do it.. i saw persistence usually pays off, because the girl thinks, damn ill just give the guy a shot, and before u know it they're dating/sexing
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    Toronto Social Network

    nice to see that ur posting something in support of the toronto community
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    Toronto Dj Check In

    signing in here 20male currently at school at laurier though im looking or a wingman possibly, or someone whos really experienced/confident whom i can observe
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    Do not Lose Hope. That which does not kill us makes us Stronger (The Road to Ithaca)

    well written post i agree with ur main idea, and i think, we should strive for happiness TODAY, but if thats not possible, we must realize that there'll eventually be someone for all of us, and at that time our good nature will come in handy.
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    Your most ridiculous fear with women

    this is something i also face, in reality its much worse in my imagination than it ever is in real life, but i always get carried away with the possibilities in my mind