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    Ok,..i think I've f'd myself again!!!

    I met this chick and we been going out about 3 months now. I've known her a long time and i finally asked her out and we instantly hit it off. BUT!!! She is goin through a divorce. I know, i know i always get the f'd up ones!! We been kinda secretly seeing each other at my place cause I told her...
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    I'm planning to break up with my gf today after work

    Good Luck!! :cheer: Let us know what happened??
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    This what we need!!

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    99% sure gf is cheating

    My last girlfriend had a myspace account as well. It was sometimes the reason for an arguement. I had it before we started dating so I had accumilated alot of female friends and she would get pissed if they messaged me still and I would reply. But I have never cheated on anyone of my girlfriends...
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    Need Advice!!!

    I know, I know...I just hate this sh!t you have to go through after a break up, not being able to get her outta my head!! Some guys can handle this better I guess.
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    Need Advice!!!

    Yes,...she did but it was because he cheated on her and it was at the end of their marriage. And that was always in the back of my mind,...believe me.
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    Need Advice!!!

    I think we are on two different pages here. I knew this girl because she and my sister were good friends so i would see her when she came to see my sister and then she started cutting my hair. So,... we became friends. We then started sending text back and forth but had yet to meet anywhere or...
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    Need Advice!!!

    What the hell does that mean? U think I had a crystal ball that told me she was going to do that? The serious relationship was already there BEFORE the bedroom incident,... hence the reason I got out. And I think it helps to actually become friends with a chick first so you can get to know...
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    Need Advice!!!

    Man your harsh! People say a lot until it happens to them. I did the right thing and got out. All I'm saying is that it was a hard thing to do. Some people have feelings, some don't! No matter i still got out which alot of guys probably wouldn't have. So give me a break.
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    Need Advice!!!

    Update Just wanted to give an update on this thread. Well 2 nights ago I went to her house and asked for the ring back. I think she knew it was coming cause we had been arguing the last 2 weeks since I busted her. And I want to be clear here, they weren't really doing anything bad cause she...
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    Met a woman with 3 kids

    I am in this same situation. I made it clear up front that I did not want to get serious with anybody but we kept going out and doin things together and now a year later I am trying to deal with it. She also has 2 kids. I know it's easy for alot of guys on here to say "just tell her like it is...
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    Need Advice!!!

    Damn!! :eek: I love this discussion forum Thanks
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    Need Advice!!!

    I agree to this... I repeatedly told her this when we first started seeing each other. I begged her to be on her own and be happy with HERSELF not somebody else. I even had her reading my favorite book, "In the Meantime" and she said she couldn't finish it cause she didn't believe in it. She...
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    Need Advice!!!

    Hmmm...well lets see. I own my own business so I do fairly well for this part of the country. I have a new BMW and just bought a new house as well. Her ex works for a good friend of mine at a music store. I forgot to mention I have known her ex for about 10 years. (small town) She cuts...
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    Need Advice!!!

    I knew the answer to this,... I guess I just needed to hear it. This is why I hate relationships. Somebody always gets hurt. Ths Sh1ty part about this is that I live in a small town so I will always run into this girl! Thanks for all your reply's....
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    Need Advice!!!

    It has been almost a year since I have been on this forum but now I need some help once again. I am 41 years old and was married for 8 years and have been single now for 3 years. I have had my share of relation(sh1ts) in these last 3 years some I have seeked answers here before. Well...
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    Gimme advice to help out my man please!

    Being a man I would probably recommend you just flat out and tell him but don't laugh when you tell him but try not to be too serious either.Just tell him it's an important factor in your relationship. I think that is the way I would wanna be told. If he values his relationship with you he will...
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    How do you get out of this????

    Just a little (funny) update on the situation.....last night i had the ex's kid only because I had my kid and they are good friends and play well together, and she's in school at night. Well she picks her kid up around 10 and the 28 yr old comes over right after she leaves.(those plates got...
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    How do you get out of this????

    I kinda fvcked it up because i became to obsessed. We actually talked about it and I backed off but I think it was too late. I really do wanna move along but we(my company) still deal with the company she works for and I kinda got attached to her kid as well, so I still have contact with her...
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    How do you get out of this????

    When Women Want You Back After a woman dumps you and you begin to move on with your life, she feels unwanted, undesireable, and jealous of any other woman who feels wanted and desired by you. She's doing what's natural to make those feelings go away: she's pursuing you! Once she gets you back...