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    how do you feel about girls snooping through YOUR phone?

    Should have dumped her :( "Trust is a coin that, once spent, can never be earned back."
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    Read And Do Not Do This

    Even so, you let yourself down. Half of failure is of our own making. In this scenerio, you might have put forth your proposition much more honestly. For example, instead of saying "keep calling", a better way to put it might be: "I don't believe it's fair to either of us to be dancing around...
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    Help my aspirations become possible!

    You think we can help? Help me help you.
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    People that try to ruin your confidence/game

    If they have a problem with it, tell them to keep it to themselves. This isn't high school: you're paying them to teach you, not be the moral police. If ladies have a problem with kino, then let the ladies tell you themselves. The professors, no matter how high in their ivory towers they are...
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    nice tip i found out

    Remember, he's from Italy. Italians tend to be a lot more comfortable with physical contact than others. Devestator's right though: don't bother with this in the States unless you really know the girl.
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    I guess I messed up huh?

    rapsta: You're twenty years old- act like it. It's even worse that she broke up with you, and you've sent her not one, not two, not three, but six messages. Take a bow and get out already; she's left you, and I think she made a good decision based on what you're doing right now. Accept your...
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    I guess I messed up huh?

    Yeah, you definitely messed up. Leave the poor girl alone.
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    Board Problems

    A useful habit I've found was to copy and paste something long (>3 paragraphs) into notepad or whatever before submitting to a website. A few seconds of this can save you a few minutes of typing. Also, to expand on Trippsta, check your cookie settings and make sure they don't expire sooner...
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    Rich chicks/poor chicks

    Why are you going to diss Frankkk over his political affiliations? At least he's got the balls to stand up for what he believes in. Do you think, Fender, that it makes you any better than some neonazi by calling him "white trash"? How's that different from saying "******"? It's a...
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    The Chinese Girl I met

    Chinese girls are pretty immature when it comes to American-style dating, and she probably brought the cousin along because she didn't think it would go anywhere far (i.e. bedroom). Don't take it personally, but then again, if this happened to you twice, good idea on dropping her; she...
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    This is how real DJ's treat women (vid)

    We get over hard topics by making jokes out of them; "fighting" something isn't going to solve it. Take racism: how much racism have we truly eliminated by "fighting" it, telling everyone how bad it is? I look at the humorless "anti-racists" today, and they're about the saddest bunch around...
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    How to handle somebody who is out of your league?

    "Contact her today"? Stop. Go outside and run or something. Then go take a shower. Then wait two more days to call her.
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    Your Worst AFC mistakes And How you Learned From Them

    Actually, don't contact her. If she wants to play hardball, then so be it- she'll only get to watch her case fall apart in court.
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    help with with hooking the REAL girl.

    Not necessarily nice; just mature men who understand women better than women know themselves.
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    More information needed.
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    Why Understanding Hormones Can Help Men Logically Succeed.

    I lit 151 on fire in my mouth. It was not a smart thing to do. In other news: don't eat too much tofu; you know those commercials that talk about soy isoflavones and stuff for women's menopause? Yeah. Bad idea.
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    Damage: They're looking for affirmation; it makes them think they're better than they are. It also allows for you to weed them out easier.
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    She's got a BF, but is falling hard for me....

    It's always the quiet ones you have to look out for. The fact remains that she has not broken up with her boyfriend before doing this; this, at the very least, shows immaturity, and at worst a propensity to cheat.
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    Asking A Chick Out On The Phone

    Did she give you her number? Is she attracted to you? Are you infatuated with her? Answer these questions before proceeding.
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    how do i deal with an upset g/f?

    I believe penkitten to be wrong; if she's your girlfriend in the terms that I would qualify a girl as being a girlfriend, then she obviously has passed the test of being loyal and dedicated, and has risen above the pettiness that would have made us discard most other girls. Therefore, she...