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    Do any of you get tired of it all?

    Thanks, for all the responses guys. Another thing I've noticed is that the women I'm attracted to always want kids or more kids than they already have. I have a 16yo son and do not want to start over or raise someone elses kids. So I'm in a really bad spot as far as dating goes anyway...
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    Drugs + LTR

    Get out while you can! Is this the woman you want to see your future with, have children with?
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    Do any of you get tired of it all?

    I really could care less about having a woman right now. It seems that when I talk to them about something other than sex I'm easily annoyed with them. Do any of you get that way from time to time? Also what is up with EVERYONE thinking becasue you're not in a relationship at my age (39) that...
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    Don't want to give my Facebook - QUICK HELP!

    Easiest solution is to get rid of Facebook. I did that over a year ago, it seems to suck you in.
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    rough sex v gentle sex

    Every woman I've been with in the last 5 years love it rough. If you're in a relationship then gentle is good sometimes, but trust me she wants you to grab her hair, choke her(lightly), but just something that pushes the envelope a little bit. this has just been my experience.
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    New OKC message for the HB9 HB10s

    I've gotten some pretty decent success with this new email tonight. "Nice Tits!! Haha....I'm just playing, I just thought it was a conversation starter. Actually being interested in someones profile never seems to work. How are you doing tonight?"
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    Ex broke no contact after one month.....advice please don't wanna make a bad decision

    I would either stay NC or just respond back with a "Thanks" and that's it. But obviously if she writes back and you want more you have to "game" her like she's a brand new chick. Flirting, sexual innuendis , all the normal stuff. Don't fall back into the guy you were at the end of the relationship.
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    How will I know if she's a virgin or not ?

    I would recommend your gf get the hell away from you. You're immature, controlling and crazy. The type of guy who could be the "if I can't have you no one can" psycho. Dude you need to get a grip on life!
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    How will I know if she's a virgin or not ?

    Seems EXTREMELY ridiculous though doesn't it?
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    How will I know if she's a virgin or not ?

    I'm not trying to be a di¢k, but it sounds like you would benefit from some therapy to make you trust people more. You can't go through life or have a successful relationship of any kind without being able to trust people.
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    How will I know if she's a virgin or not ?

    You sound like you're going crazy in this relationship. Are you really that worried about who she's talking to, where she is, if she's really a virgin? This whole community is about making you a better you, I think you need to work on that. Not saying you're not a good person, but I think it...
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    Text question

    Me personally I wouldn't go there just yet. I'd say more like.. "I know how to do more than talk, but you still owe me dinner before you find anything else out"
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    Text question

    What exactly are you wanting to know? Looks like you're doing well keep it going. But I don't know what exactly your asking from that brief text exchange that you posted.
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    Fathers Bestow Game.

    Fair shake...totally agree with you. I'd rather be the "beta" teaching my son responsibility and passing along the things I've learned in life, than be the "alpha" and knock someone up and run away like an immature little man.
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    Could Use Some Advice...

    Being married and having a gf I think some diff rules apply. Let's say she went out and you saw a text like that from one of her gf's. I think you broke her trust and have to reassure her and win it back. I'm sure there will be some "alpha male" **** thrown around, but if you value your...
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    Threatening your ex with naked pictures

    I recently got dumped and I had some "risque" photos of the girl and it would have devestated her if they ever got out. I'm not in the revenge business, I just wanted to move on and get rid of everytjing . So I deleted the pictures. All you're doing is inviting more drama into your life if you...
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    Fathers Bestow Game.

    So Zarky thinks that a "real man" and "alpha male" just dumps his seed and moves on to fvck more bytches. You say that and then you want to say that the rest of the men are fvcked up? Sounds like you're philosophy on what being a man is fvcked up. JMO Being a father has NOTHING to do with...
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    Fathers Bestow Game.

    I like the way that you guys who know nothing about being a father are saying why guys aren't going to teach their sons "game".
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    Fathers Bestow Game.

    Jeremiah, obviously you're not a father! My son is 16 and I advised my him that I didn't think he was mature enough to have sex, but also told him I couldn't be with him 24/7 so he was going to make the choice he thought was right. Hopefully he listened to the things I said and takes those...
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    New OKC message for the HB9 HB10s

    Eh they're 6's. 3 responses now. I was just seeing what kind of response iwoudlget. They all are a little shocked that you would say they would be bad in bed, but they're receptive to the "how's this site working out for you" question that starts some dialogue.