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    Confidence Doesn't Just Come From Success

    Almost every female wants a guy with confidence. Which comes first Confidence or Success? Confidence is knowing what to do in a situation. Studying and picking up certaing ideas gave me confidence so that when a girl asked me what i did for a living or what kind of a car I drive, I knew how to...
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    What the hell am I doing wrong?

    Stop asking what you're doing wrong and start asking what you can do to succeed.
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    becoming super sexually attractive

    "And they *love* asking me what I f**king do for living," "I breathe, what do you do for a living."
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    How can you truly become a DJ, and not pretend to be one?

    We've all had years of "growing" that somehow created our personality. You cant expect to go out and be the alpha male right away. work on one trait at a time until it's natural. then do another. You're "join date" is this month. How long have you been putting material to work? We're all born...
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    How do you remain aloof, and still create an attraction?

    My friend told me about his friend who would get hung up on by girls and call them right back. They said they f^cked him just to get him to stop bothering them. Being persistent like that shows a certain type of confidence that is "I'm so confident in myself, I dont care about rejection" Acting...
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    Married Woman and she deserves me.

    my ? Theres this married woman I know who wants to hook up with me. How do i initiate the hook up?
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    How2 pass this Sh!t Test?

    I'd like to weigh about 150-160, whats the best workout plan you've seen?
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    How2 pass this Sh!t Test?

    It really got to me too b-cuz I'm 22 but I'm 5'6, 130 and have actually had people say i look 15 cuz i look so young. I dont like that sh!t! Thanx 4 the advice
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    How2 pass this Sh!t Test?

    this girl i met a couple of weeks ago sent me a text that gave me the nickname "kiddo". Whats the best way to respond if a girl gets condesending like that? (What, did i hit a homerun in Little League, So now she calls me Kiddo. Good Hit "sport". Nice Game "Champ". What the f^ck is that...
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    Get Limewire or something to download videos. Type in "instructional, educational, How to or something related to learning. You can buys books on the stuff too. Or spend the money(which i wouldn't do again) and buy a porn on this stuff. Personally what i did is bought a book, read other tips...
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    How do i steal the lime light?

    The lead dog always slips up once in a while, lol. Thanx for the advice:) If i try to stop him, he'll get defensive and speed up, if i befriend him, i'll just be helping him out in a way when he messes up, and he probably won't suspect my intentions.
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    How do i steal the lime light?

    Attention *****? No, have you ever been around someone who you didnt know but had all the attention from everyone around because he was telling stories and makin jokes. whats a good way to switch it to yourself? If all the girls are looking at this guy and wanting to be around him, how can you...
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    How do i steal the lime light?

    if someone else is being the center of attention, especially a guy, how do i steal it from him? And how do i make it not noticeable? Is there a good way to befriend him and laugh at his jokes, then branch off of the jokes with something that I can follow up with?
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    Fifteen Lessons

    this is definitely my favorite!
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    My first time getting rejected and it feels horrible

    Most guys and girls who want to approach never say anything for the first million times. Then when they gather enough courage mixed with apathy, they bomb cuz they have too much put into it. "Facial Rejection" is better than not approaching and later feeling rejected from yourself. Good Job...