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    Who else suffers from nocturnal emissions of semen?

    Ignore the sceptical comments, some people don't want to understand how the body works. Do you eat before going to sleep? Within 2 hours? What's your diet like, high or low carb? How much sunlight do you get during the day? Do you watch porn or lust over beautiful women a lot? Do you drink a...
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    Formula 1 2010 - World Championship.

    Go Mark Webber!
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    Low carb diet??

    Yeah, this low carb "fad" that humans have been living on for millions of years should die out any day now. I agree with one thing, do your research.
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    67 y/o man beats down attacker on bus

    This thread is pathetic. Just appreciate a funny situation, good god. Hostility wont get you anywhere.
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    Cures for all diseases

    I know people who have had their lives destroyed from antibiotics. It destroys the gut bacteria that helps us digest food and lets impurities enter the bloodstream. Took 20 years of suffering to realise this and restore their digestive systems. There is a reason free treatments aren't taught...
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    THE POLICE TASER CULTURE: Taser vids & Stories

    It's not bad. What is bad is overreacting and exaggerating things to this point. If you want to make a difference, become a cop yourself and behave like you think they should. If you're not willing to do that, then STFU.
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    Finally got rid of pimples and breakouts...

    Firstly, good job getting all this information and I wish you all the luck in the world trying to spread the good word. I wasted so much money on toxic products before addressing diet as the sole cause of my acne. The worst part is the doctors who say diet has nothing to do with it. How do they...
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    Getting rid of ACNE

    To sum up everything, acne comes from the INSIDE. Anything applied topically might as well be a mask. It's toxins that have built up inside you making their exit. Unnatural ones that your body can not deal with. Have a natural lifestyle that the human body has become accustomed to over thousands...
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    New things to learn

    Morse Code
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    Inspiring songs to start your day?

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    Facebook girl who livea across street: APPROACH

    Say hi. Then tap dat ass.
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    Was Michael Jackson the ultimate AFC?

    MJ had his priorities right, he didn't care about banging dat ass, he cared about the world and its state and peoples happiness. That's why he's a greater man than some people on this site will ever be, yes i'm talking about you who is sitting there dissing him from your keyboard while...
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    Do push ups and pull ups get you ripped?

    Hilarious how many responses that got. Seems a lot of people use protein shakes as a clutch.
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    MJ fans

    John Mayers performance of Human Nature was incredible, definitely the highlight for me
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    Can I still grow taller?

    Yeah don't worry, because nobody cares about your height. If you can't get over it, turn it into a positive and take up some kind of motor sport.
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    Cheat sheet: The 48 Laws of Power

    This is pathetic. Only weasels can benefit from this. And they'll never be happy no matter what.
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    Getting brought into her world?

    A high risk party.. LOL Just go and have fun man. Good lord.
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    Chest Fat...

    No it's not. You can go for days without eating without any ill effects. Eat less. Simple as that.