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    Why this sudden change of heart?

    Could be, basically anything could be the cause. I'll never know. I should quit lingering on it and focus on my goals again. Thanks for the heads up though!
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    Why this sudden change of heart?

    Yeah that's true, I'll consider it. On the one hand I get closure, but on the other end I can expect a garbage reply like sazc says. I think she simply missed chemistry and I should've opened up more. But I won't get her back when doing it, which is what I want at the moment. I dated a lot of...
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    Why this sudden change of heart?

    · She wanted to fvck again but you dropped the ball": No, when driving back to her house I proposed to hang at my place but she was feeling tired (****ty lie I think). Just before I dropped her off she grabbed my ****. Weird right? Thanks for the reply. realize that I can vent all I...
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    Why this sudden change of heart?

    Concerning the timeline: we dated once every week. She sent the rejection text in the fourth week. I think it might be one of the reasons. On the third date she mentioned that her friend read our conversation and found it boring. To which I replied I'm not really into texting. Reflecting on...
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    Why this sudden change of heart?

    So six months ago I met a girl at a local festival in my hometown. The way she smiled at me and eyed me made it clear she wanted me. Thus I decided to approach her. We had fun and kissed. After that we kept in touch through texting. A week later I coincidentally needed to go to her town for an...