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    For the men over 40, how has your experience been on online dating sites?

    I have had success but most of the girls on OLD are 7 or below. Your best bet is cold approach. It’s a numbers game, don’t give up after a few rejections.
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    She can’t ***

    I dated a chick who couldn’t climax, turns out she was on some heavy meds for depression.
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    Rent or buy?

    If you love the area where the house is, then buy the house. I just sold my house and moved into an apartment in a major city. I’ve met more women the last two weeks living in the major city than I did living eight years in the burbs. I also wouldn’t buy at these prices. I am a real estate...
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    Struggling To Get Over My Break Up!

    Come on bro, you have been on this site for a while, you should have known better. So many red flags and you chose to ignore. Time to work on yourself. Good luck.
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    Girlfriend wants to live together with me

    I’m going to go against the grain here but I don’t see a problem getting a place with her. If you enjoy her company then I don’t see why not. Let her know, she will have to cover 50% of the costs. If she isn’t able to pay half of the bills then I would definitely not get a place with her. If...
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    Once you get past age 40 does working out really help to get women?

    Being fit when you’re older gives you more access to younger women, I’m competing with young men who play video games, smoke weed and are overweight. I’m forty-five, in great shape and pull younger women all day.
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    Dating in your 40's...the women are bat s crazy

    Keep going. It’s a numbers game.
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    Guys in happy LTRs, when did you move in with your LTR?

    Pros: She cooks and cleans Helps pay the bills Keeps you company Cons: Never shuts up Can’t bring new girls over Lol
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    Is It Ok If GF Getting A Massage From A Man?

    Easy solution. Find another girl that thinks a man massaging her is inappropriate.
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    Work affair 45 vs 26 years old

    Exactly. He is even getting laid.
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    Girl (27 y/o) acting hot and cold. No sex yet though

    Ding ding!! The ex is still in the picture. He is banging her out and treating her like shyt. She will eventually ghost you once she goes back. Next time, she denies sex, kick her out. She might even come back and fack you because you didn’t put up with this BS. Good luck
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    Flakes after successful dates?

    Other guy, most likely an ex. You made her feel wanted again because her man hasn’t been showing her some love, now she is ready to go back. She will repeat the same process a few weeks later with another man
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    34 Married and Unhappy (in Miami)

    Tell her you don’t want children. Maybe she will leave.
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    Guidelines before entering a relationship

    Can confirm haha
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    Are These Sh*t Tests?

    After six months, most plates will fade away, if you don’t commit. If she is a plate, there should be no reason for you guys to be texting each other so often. My plates just text to ask when are hanging out. Let us know how it goes. Im interested.
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    How rare is large age gap dating?

    I’m 45 yrs old and have dated as young as nineteen. I don’t have a lot of money, muscles aren’t that big, charisma is okay. I do have a “presence” when I walk into a room from what I’ve been told. I also have the look that women find attractive these days which is the biggest factor. It’s...
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    Dating in your 40's...the women are bat s crazy

    “ By 40 they aren’t even women” funny shyt!!
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    I cheated

    Cheating on your woman with MULTIPLE girls sounds like you aren’t ready to settle down. I would say, stop the cheating or get out of the relationship. However, I don’t want to see a future post by you, titled “All my bishes left me and I ruined a good thing I had” J/k Good luck.