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    Question here....

    A question here.... Why in the hell would an 'ex' want to be 'friends'? All I want to do is forget the bytch and move on........ She wants to be my 'friend'. Any comments?
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    Saw my exgirlfriend with another man tonight.

    move on Rutgers, You have to learn how to deal with a broken heart. a couple of tips here: 1..Break off all contact and move on. 2..Get out and meet and date other women. 3..Forget about ever getting back together. (it didn't work then, so, it won't work now or in the furure)...
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    #close but no date, hb said after 2 weeks "i am not into dating"

    you........ Hey, Read between the lines here. She said--"I am not into dating." But what she meant was: "I am not into dating your sorry @ss." my 2 cents cave dweller
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    Anyone taking anti-depressant?

    wean............. Wow......... No wonder some of you guys are fvcked up in the head..(taking all of that stuff) You boys need to wean yourself off of that sh1t and go get a life. Here is a plan: 1..Get a job 2..Get a GF 3..Get a shot of pvssy 4..Start cutting back on the...
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    How to avoid dating & get to FB

    buddy........ MacAvoy, I have had a couple of fvck buddies in the past and I have one right now. I let her live her life and do her own thing. It works out good for me. I don't date women any more. I just build a FB relationship. cave dweller
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    I think I have Avoidant Personality Disorder, should I use medical drugs?

    no........... MVP, To hell with all of that shvt. Trust me. You have a choice here---You can spend the rest of your life on drugs and being fvcked up in the head or you can get off of your @ss and get a life. 1..Get a job, hell get two jobs. 2..Get you a GF and a shot of pvssy...
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    The way of the attention wh0re

    buddy........... Hey, Attention Wh0res are only good for one thing, that is to be a fvck buddy. Any relationship deeper than that is a waste of time. cave dweller
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    Relationship: HELP, I'm an emotional wreck!

    move on.... Mike, At 8 pm, on a Friday, she is talking to you on the web-cam. and at 8:15 pm, on the same Friday, she is 'banging' some other dude. Mike---move on................. cave dweller
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    Relationship: HELP, I'm an emotional wreck!

    move on........ Mike, It won't work. You need to move on. cave dweller
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    Need Damage control here guys...

    contact snake, She just gave you the 'dump job'. So, what do you do? 1...Don't email or call her. 2...Do not go to places where she 'hangs out'. 3...Vanish---become a ghost. ie: Give her some time to start missing you and she will come back. my 2 cents BTW, I am in...
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    The difference between older and younger men...a female perspective

    kids........ Fire, Also, When a younger 'jock' goes goo goo and gaa gaa over your 4 kids it is all an act.... A man could care less about a van load of kids... The man just plays that game and puts on an act to get in your pants. my 2 cents cave dweller
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    The difference between older and younger men...a female perspective

    control Fire, It is all about control........ You date younger 'jocks' because you have 100% control in the relationship. The younger 'jock' dates an older woman (you) because of what you have between your legs. When he gets tired of hitting your 'fuzz ball' he will move on. my 2...
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    Unemployed and depressed

    go to work..... Mazeman11, Fvck depression. (you are depressed because you don't have a job) Here is what you need to do: 1...Get off of you @ss and get job. 2...Any job... McDonalds, labor with a contractor, sell cars, work as a plumbers helper--ie. any damn thing. 3...Work the...
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    Brokeback Mountain?

    cowboys.......... Hey, Like I said---"I ain't into any gay shvt." but, It sure was a good movie. cave dweller
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    Brokeback Mountain?

    packed.......... Hey, I don't give a shvt who sees me. The place was packed...Hard to find a seat. The movie will win an Oscar..........(it is that good) BTW, I took a woman with me. cave dweller
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    need advice on dealing with girlfriends past

    also cochise, Also, I am seeing one, right now, as a fvck buddy. She has also been with a lot of men. When it goes flat I will dump her @ss and move on. cave dweller
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    need advice on dealing with girlfriends past

    the past cochise, Don't let it get serious....Just date her. Remember: 25 +/- guys 'rode' her pvssy then dumped her. Just ride it and when you get bored (with her) move on. cave dweller
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    Brokeback Mountain?

    Hey, I ain't into this gay shvt, but, Brokeback Mountain was a super movie. It is about two 'homo' cowboys. cave dweller
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    Possibly the BEST POST i've read in a while

    points......... Hey, He has a few good points here. but, He will die a loney old man. Why would he want to live alone, all of his life, just because he thought some woman was going to steal his money? There are some good women out there and he doesn't know it...
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    how to save sis from DJ

    bum MacAvoy, Tell your sister that the guy is just a bum and that she can do better than that. Hey, that is about all you can do. Also, you might try to 'hook' her up with someone that you know. cave dweller