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    Kinda weird question but..

    No problem just trying to maximize haha
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    Kinda weird question but..

    Hopefully someone here can give some valuable input lol Best ways you know of to maximize cvm? Got this girl right now that is all about it all over her face so looking for tips. I had a buddy tell me years ago to make sure you’re well hydrated. Anything else?
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    What would you do?

    Lots of great advice everyone. Thanks @Glassguy I’m not the sensitive type so tough love or whatever is fine by me. Talking to another girl now so this one doesn’t really matter. Decided just to be aloof and see whatever happens. No expectation. If she’s just good for a plate then that’s...
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    Work fun

    so true lol they’d rather have some guy that is on his phone the whole date I guess
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    Work fun

    Agreed about the nice guy thing but the reason for that is because my first thought is always “how will this action affect my business”. So ya there’s a lot of things I could do different but then word gets around “that guy dk from that business is such a dbag womanizer”.
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    What would you do?

    Well we both live about 2-3 min from the bar. She suggested meeting there. Last girl I went out with I offered to pick up and she said “oh you’re one of those guys”, didn’t want to get picked up on the first date. So I won’t suggest it but if they ask then no problem
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    What would you do?

    Yup what I was thinking too. She made the call to her roommate in front of me walking out but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she just held the phone up to her head not actually talking to anyone based on everything else lol
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    Work fun

    Went out with this chick about 2 years ago. Get dinner and go back to my place after to Netflix and chill and maybe 10 min into the movie she decides she’s gotta go lol ghosted/friend zoned me after that. Now today she started working for me. Just messaged me after her first day and sends...
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    What would you do?

    Luckily she got there before me and opened her own tab so not out anything lol
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    What would you do?

    Not that my hamster is going lol I can just never text her again and be fine. But curious how you guys would advise I play this. Went out with a Tinder HB8 last night. 2 hours, couple drinks each in a bar. Towards the end of the night when we were getting ready to go, she got a little...
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    my ex is diagnosed borderline and ocd lol
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    I need some help with a place I'm at right now

    Man 100% sums up my life as well. I saw an escort probably 9 months ago while I was back in LA for a quick business trip. Everything you said applies to my experience as well. Girls where I’m at are either fat, tatted up, single mom, or all of those lol or taken. Rarely find any good...
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    How often Do Women Approach You in The Bar/Nightclub?

    Best luck I had was when like firstborn said, went with some buddys not expecting to get laid just went to a bar to have a good time. Didn’t get to shower after going to the gym, just put some pants on and went (maybe pheromones?). Hottest girl in the bar approached me and probably would...
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    How Easy Is It For An OBESE Girl To Get Laid

    Ya sorry ain’t no way. My mom tried to set me up with a dental hygienist that makes great money and everything but her calves are bigger than my thighs. No go, can’t do it. Not just unattractive but shows a lack of self control.
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    Tinder Swindler

    Just getting to the end lol yup, no accountability on the womens part.
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    Need advice for dating 18 yo

    I’m 31, sister set me up a date for next Saturday with her coworker that’s 18. All I know is she’s apparently a hard worker, mature and ambitious. I’ve also done work for her family before (months before ever knowing of her) and met both her parents. Spent 20-30 min talking to them...
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    Ready to move, US women are worthless

    I live in an area of about 150k-200k people. Mostly retired people. That and the fact that I work a lot (6 am to 10 pm was getting normal for me the last several months) makes it hard to meet anyone. I’ve met a few from OLD but never works out. Decided to pay for a month on tinder to get...
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    HB 7, 6.5 on the FB dating app tonight. Threw numbers at me. Advice.

    yup last girl I went out with admitted she had looked me up before the date. Knew all about my business and everything
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    What Zodiac signs have you dated/your opinion on them

    don’t believe in it but scorpios definitely aren’t my first pick from my experiences with them lol
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    What are the biggest red flags for you?

    A lot of tattoos/sleeve, any face piercings