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    Reversing Buyer's Remorse

    I did take action. I moved it forward, sexualized what was just supposed to be a meeting to practice languages and made out with her but the lay was not possible. And I think hence her ASD is up now. I did not just chit chat!!!
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    Reversing Buyer's Remorse

    Hey guys! Need your input on this. I have in the past committed this mistake several times and hence now want to analyze this and weed it out of my Game once and for all. I met a girl on a language learning app where we had to converse and practice a language, but we had spoken a lot and it had...
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    How to get a girl to be dominant in bed?

    Hi Guys, I have a question. I used to be a typical blue pilled chode not too long ago. However, since I have discovered Game, I have slowly starting getting better with women and in the past few months have been pulling a few girls and having sex with them. In the bedroom I am a switch and...