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    Need serious advice...

    bumping this for a final time.
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    Need serious advice...

    Well I have dated her 4 times, the hypothetical plan would be to date her a few more, and then see where she stands, and then an LDR. If it's not worth pursuing at least an LDR, would you be suggesting I have been and am wasting my time?
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    Need serious advice...

    There used to be a lot of people who could give effective advice here...they don't exist any more?
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    Need serious advice...

    I just wanted to pop in to clarify I am not "obsessed" with her, I'm just interested in pursuing something more than dating.
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    Need serious advice...

    I haven't been to this forum in over a year or so, because I really didn't need to be here, that and I felt I in general I was attending way too many online forums, something I have now cut down on immensely. I hardly use the internet for too much other than e-mail nowadays. Anyways, first...
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    Non-Alcoholic Beer: Sell to Minors?

    As the others have said, you won't be able to buy it. And ODouls sucks.
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    New SAT Scores

    Well if we put that on the old scale, the 1600 one, thats 1150. Or if we add just your math & reading thats...1320. Either one is decent.
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    Deleted threads

    I never posted anything that ridiculous
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    Deleted threads

    In the past month or 2, I've sparesly posted threads in the other forum looking for some advice. For some reason those threads were deleted. I thought this place was to help people, not shut them down. :down:
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    Signs of Attraction

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    UK Crime

    oooh. UK crime. Put your hooligans in west california with the Crips. That's crime.
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    The Personal Is Political

    Zionist? That's a bit extreme. Are you sure shes a zionist?
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    looking younger(phsycally) than what you really are

    Well no **** men are attracted to younger women and women are attracted to older men. An 8th grader couldve told you that. However that "statistic" about 18 or so females not being into someone 10 years older is debatable. I know a 19 yr old dating a 25 yr old. At my high school prom a few...
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    link to womens site

    If women are browsing the net looking for online lists to see if the guy they are dating is on a list of 'a$$holes', there is something mentally wrong
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    link to womens site

    I wonder why shes dating him then. This is like the funniest **** i've ever read. Sure you do. I wonder how many of those men she's met and rejected for that behavior. The women who say this crack me up the most: Because I'm sure you're doing sooo much to be involved instead of...
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    looking younger(phsycally) than what you really are

    Grow some facial hair man. It makes you look older. That's why I grow it. I have a goatee and a thin mustache, although I think I might shave the stache. I wanted to grow the goatee out and get it braided, something I've always wanted to do, but now I can't decide if I just want to trim it up...
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    link to womens site

    site doesnt come up for me. I get the webserver site
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    This site makes me sick...

    excuse me while i go puke
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    Update: the girl w/ a b/f

    Teach me your "breaking them away from the bf" ways, master.
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    The pope died apparently now

    Joe, aren't you forgetting THE FIRST POPE WAS A JEW?