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    what constitutes a good workout for abs?

    Hey better watch my P's and Q's now I said I could train people if they wanted huh? :D I never said they were the bestestestetesetest thing ever, I was just adding to the discussion.
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    Personal training / advice

    What I would do is, since this is the internet and goodwill is involved, is write a basic outline of the program, if the person wants more specific help and information, they can send me a fee, if they don't, then they can use the program as they see fit. I think that's fair in the...
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    what constitutes a good workout for abs?

    Chinups / pullups!
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    Personal training / advice

    Hi guys! It's been a long time since I've posted on this here forum and it used to be a great read, but lots has happened since then and I haven't had the time to visit. Some of the stuff I learnt here in my teenage years were valuable, some not so much but that in itself is a good lesson. I...
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    Squat Form Check (Video)

    When you're standing with the weight don't stand there with a relaxed core and rounded upper back, keep tight / arched.
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    16 trying to do pushups

    lie on your stomach all flat out lean ony our palms about shoulder width extend them till fully extended get on your toes at the other end keep your torso tight and in line with your ass and legs and back press up and down staying tight, with your arms
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    Starting Smolov tomorrow.

    Lost respect for you after seeing that 180k quarter squat as a max attempt, that was miles from even parallel.
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    curved penis

    If you lay her on her side.
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    Had Unprotected Sex, whats best way to prevent pregnancy

    push her down some stairs!
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    I'm a bit insecure/jealous still

    Thanks for the replies, I already thought of spinning more plates. :D And it was national service, not my own wanting to join.
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    I'm a bit insecure/jealous still

    Two things, fellas. I am at university, gaming it up, going very well. One girl we're taking it a little bit further (first mistake maybe?), she's just so much fun. VERY RARELY I get insecure about things and feel I need to do something to keep her liking me, which is a load of **** because...
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    milf minus the m

    I'd hit it.
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    My mom tried on my jacket. Now it feels weird.

    what is wrong with you?
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    Quagmire911 Lifting Journal

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    Quagmire911 Lifting Journal

    punch machines a day after a shoulder workout? that should hardly mangle your shoulders, dude, I box which is a lot shoulders, after a military press day. might be something else. are you getting enough zinc in your diet?
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    Quagmire911 Lifting Journal

    clearly you have been neglecting your hip mobility and rotator cuff exercises
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    Bench Press Form - How Deep?

    What? Touch the chest.
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    My fitness journal

    my point was not to be a **** but it makes your log a bit too much effort to zoom through
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    is my diet good?

    why aren't you eating meat? vegetarian?
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    How much sex is too much?