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  1. K

    How would you take this response?

    Just wait for her to contact you and forget about her in the meantime since the ball is in her park and she knows it is... you don't have to go overboard deciding whether to overcompensate or drop her entirely. Don't fret things too hard.
  2. K

    A self deprecating girl

    ummmmm to me that sounds like she's got low self esteem and is looking for you to validate her worthiness as a human being Her:'yeah that all I'm good for, mopping up messes haha' (the response she wants) You: 'Oh come on now, you're great at a lot of things like x, y and z'
  3. K

    That HB 8 replied again to a message today. I need advice asap! Please!

    Ask her out and when she's free to meet up. 50 miles is pretty far though man but whatever floats your boat. She said you were very sweet which is not a great sign lol im not trying to troll or anything, im just saying.
  4. K

    2nd Date?

    If the snaps are just to you, it's a root right there, but nothing more.
  5. K

    Seems like most men are single

    Go out of ur house and check out just 1 of the local night scene club. Then count how many hot girls are going in and out of it within 3 hours. Even a shiethole joint has women coming in and out. And some of those high end establishments requires high entrance fees for guys - a qualifier.
  6. K

    My GF asked what love means to me

    The profession of a web cam model discovers so much new perspectives. It is possible to work at office and work as a web cam model at nights. It is simple and only you decide and choose the best time for the work. It is also good for the students, but in many cases it becomes the only and really...
  7. K

    It Finally Sunk in....Marriage

    Marriage, false sense of pssysecurity.
  8. K

    Whats the play here?

    Total loss of frame right here. Never ask a girl "am i seeing you wed" Etc etc. AFC af you got **** teased to hell. Why bother with her? Try to figure out why you talk to girls this way. By this stage she should almost entirely bedoing all the chasing.
  9. K

    Girl refused my offer for movie night at my place.

    Best reply to her text is/was no reply. Low interest. Move on.
  10. K

    So I was a rebound

    You dated a women who broke up only within 2 month??? I don't understand why guys are doing this, throwing themselves to be a s3x toys, almost everytime makes all the women feels all men are a trash. This is the one lesson youll learn mate and hope you'll do better next time.
  11. K

    HB9 massage girl

    Not even worried about that, wouldn’t fvck her during the appt ever. My business is most important to me so wouldn’t risk getting caught, especially in a small town like this.