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    George Clooney style serial monogamy

    I am 38 and getting a bit tired of the serial dating/hook up carousel. In my 30s I tended to go for quantity over quality and am coming to realise that sleeping with women even if they are really hot isn't much of an achievement or something that will bring any lasting happiness. It is also...
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    How to make long distance dating with a crazy young hot girl work?

    Haha I don’t think keeping her on the hook would work as she texts constantly and gets pissy if she doesn’t get an instant response and while I can ignore that and any accompanying empty threats and ultimatums I agree that eventually she’s likely to get fed up and walk and find some guy she can...
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    How to make long distance dating with a crazy young hot girl work?

    Matched last weekend with a 26yo phd student visiting fam in London (but studying in Amsterdam). Conservative upbringing and said she’s only slept with two guys the last a five year relationship that ended a month ago last few years of which long distance. Also said she has experienced a bit of...
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    Beautiful girl always putting up hoops

    She replied to say her flatmate was pretty sure it was me as she received the like shortly after she introduced the flatmate to me before our 4th date last summer which was incredible. She said she was glad that she found out now before it was too late! I didn't bother replying as clearly there...
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    Beautiful girl always putting up hoops

    I hit up this beautiful girl I had 4 dates with last summer. 3rd date was very promising we went for dinner then an outdoor free concert then making out and heavy petting in the park and since then she was blowing up my phone. But 4th date she inexplicably cooled off and afterwards said dating...
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    Are all marriages as bad as they seem?

    I think it can work if you are best friends as well as lovers and you're both highly motivated to raise kids together as a team and work well together. But even in the best marriages your sex life will dry up especially after the kids come and there will be arguments and domesticity which makes...
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    It just occurred to me the type of women I want and my relationship goals are almost impossible

    Yeah I don't think it is realistic. What you might be able to find is a woman in her mid to late 30s who despite being single and independent has retained some femininity and is relationship oriented and hasn't been through the serial dating treadmill that leaves women with a high body count...
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    Anyone else hate alcohol? How do you handle dates?

    I can see the advantages. Price of alcohol has gone up a lot since the pandemic and if you are dating regularly it can be an expense. And obviously there are good health reasons and for some people alcohol doesn't agree with them. Quite a lot of women would have a problem with it: a) they...
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    Dating freshies from traditional dating cultures

    Occasionally I come across attractive women relatively fresh off the boat from more traditional dating cultures e.g. middle east/latin america who never offer to split bills, never initiate texts or overtly show interest while at the same time complaining if they perceive a man of not showing...
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    Losing girls after make-outs

    Thanks for the comments. Yeah could be I am choosing too public venues or venues that are not dim/dark enough or late enough at night that it segues neatly to saying "let's go back to mine". I know quite a few girls dislike PDAs and feel uncomfortable or say that it is for teenagers. And yeah...
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    Losing girls after make-outs

    My modus operandi since my early 20s (I'm mid 30s now) has been to be flirty, physically escalate fast and get girls into bed as soon as possible. But when I reflect back on the women I've dated and gone out for the most part they've been desperate/easy/needy/nymphos and generally low quality. I...
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    Sexual apathy

    I'm in my mid 30s. I've developed a certain knack for sleeping with women that are interested in me. But it hardly seems worth it any more. With most women any sex appeal is heavily front loaded i.e. clothes, make up etc. When the clothes come off and make up disappears you realize most women...
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    Girl with commitment phobia

    I have quite a nice set up with this girl I have been seeing for around 4 months. She is very sweet and affectionate. She gets jealous if I mention other girls but doesn't really keep tabs on me so I can date other girls easily. We went on a holiday together for about five days this summer and...
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    The Virgin myth

    I have dated two virgins in their early 30s. Both were keen to just get it out of the way. I didn't really want the hassle. But kept in touch with one and after sleeping with one guy she is now experimenting sexually as much as she can and is sex obsessed. The other one was also sex obsessed and...
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    Improving sex drive

    I am in my mid 30s and only seem to want it once or twice a week. This is OK for casual dating but occasionally I do run into nymphos who want it several times a night or want weekend sex marathons and in a relationship it can be a bit of a problem. I have had a full medical workup. Nothing...
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    Girl I'm dating is on holiday for a month

    Yeah and girls have this stupid guilt thing where they feel the need to warn a guy or confess before they do something they know he won't like whereas a guy would have the sense to simply keep quiet on the basis that what she doesn't know weren't hurt her and in any case exclusivity was not...
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    Girl I'm dating is on holiday for a month

    I'm really not clear what she thinks will disappoint me. From the context it definitely seems like she is saying she can't promise she won't sleep with anyone else and therefore won't necessarily be tight when she comes back end of the summer. But it just seems like a horrible way to say it...
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    Girl I'm dating is on holiday for a month

    She's 30 and I'm 35!
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    Girl I'm dating is on holiday for a month

    Yeah we were sexting a bit and it got a bit weird HER: I am SO wet HER: Every day I want you to f me more and more… ME: I'm imagining how tight you must be ... HER: I hope I won’t disappoint you ME: You never disappoint me HER: It’s a bit hard not to disappoint you these days… ME: What do...
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    Can you be successful with women on an average income?

    I have noticed as I started dating more attractive and slightly older women (30s +) that they are a lot higher maintenance. I have a stressful and often boring job in finance and I am seriously considering switching to teaching for a better work-life balance and more of a vocation. But I live...