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    I kind of don't know where to turn. (long)

    thanks Vulpine for putting things in perspective. much respect.
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    I kind of don't know where to turn. (long)

    *this is going to be a long post, cliff notes are at the end for the lazy* About 2 years ago I started dating someone. At the time I didn’t think much of it, she was nice and down to earth, cute and seemingly not any kind of head-case. Maybe a month or 2 passes and after getting to know...
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    women who want to know your past

    oh, thank god i found this thread. thank you.
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    abandon all hope all ye who read my post (story-time!)

    Hey, I ain't no fool...like I said, she's a strong 8-9. Anything less wouldn't be hanging out w/ me. I'm not getting that vibe at all, but thanks for the warning - I'll feel that sh1t out. She told me she called up "Jack" and asked for the dirt on me etc. and she told me that Jack said...
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    abandon all hope all ye who read my post (story-time!)

    I haven’t frequented the forums here in quite a while, but when something fairly weird and salacious happens to me I tend to like share it and see what everyone’s take is. So, grab a beer, sit down and enjoy… BACKSTORY: A few weeks ago while killing time on myspace.com, I found one of my...
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    stuck in the middle

    sup drZaius, good to see you're still haunting the boards here. thanks for the other replies...i think deep down i am a 1-girl-at-a-time kind of guy, which may not sound too macho to some of the guys on here, but i think you know what i mean. with my work schedule it's almost impossible :D...
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    stuck in the middle

    well, i haven't posted in eons it seems, but have a bit of situation....albeit a good one. in the past ~2 weeks i've meet and gone out with 2 women (technically 3, but the third one didn't work out). one girl is 4 years younger, the other 4 years older. i've been out with both roughly...
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    Girl threw me a curve ball

    dude! this chick I went out with tonite wanted to put a label on 'us' at the end of our second date. :confused:
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    San Diego County

    92116 here.;)
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    Does being without a car affect your game?

    I didn't have a car in college for about half the time I was there. In this particular town that was rough (small rural hick town, 30 miles from the nearest civilization)...I had nooooo game back then either *sigh* :D ...do you go to school in a city? Bikes, subway, cabs etc. should do...
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    Just want some input

    Yes, please do that. Give her plenty of time to work her issues out. If you don't get back together, then it wasn't meant to be -- just LEARN from it and move on with your new life in college. You're both very young and have your whole lives ahead of you, for chrissakes. You just started...
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    yeah its getting out of hand. guys do a search. I'll get you started - search 'nouning'. :rolleyes:
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    DJing online is stupid.

    in regards to the first post, sounds to me like someone's ranting about their failed attempts at the online game... I'm with Francisco d'Anconia here. Online macking is tricky, yes, but if you learn how to rope in the right type of women and have some common sense as to who's email you should...
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    Coffee date idea turned her off

    I'd like to touch more on the other main aspect here, the 8 year age gap between you and her. I've been in a few situations with girls (no, they are not women yet in my book ;) ) who were 5, 6, 7+ years younger than me, and depending on the person's maturity level, it can go both ways...
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    "The Ladder Theory"

    lol I thought RKTek was back, darn. I remember this from the first post - a good review. it's even better if you try to imagine Jackie Mason or Billy Crystal reading this out loud.
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    i'm gonna take tai chi

    sounds interesting -- I may do this....what exactly do you look for in a Tai Chi instructor/studio? or is it just word of mouth?
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    Poll: Are you a Metrosexual?

    hell no, that's where I draw the line...that's going a bit too far for my tastes. yes, to a point. you should always try to look sharp when out struttin yo stuff. everybody should know how do this, it's not hard at all. when I watch that queer eye show, the most common thing that...
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    Internet chicks: Are they all nuts?

    Re: Re: same as in real life becoming the friends thing is ok for social proof etc, but you asking them to hook you up is weak. you're basically giving them the power to match you up with someone you may not want to touch w/ a ten foot pole. ever been on a blind date? not me, never.