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    Why is Having a Six Pack Such a Big Deal?

    It's very impressive how obsessive we can be as men (on anything we put our interest on!)... When you can get girls while keeping you clothes on, you realise it's a bit overated and it's probably more important to the guys interesed in fitness than to the girls! ;) If you are normally fit...
  2. K

    Montreal Sarging Field report (so far, NOT GOOD)

    Ah! Ah! Funny to read that.. Montreal is a really good city for pickup... Have you ever heard of GoneSavage? He has some really awesome FR that even showed to us locals what was possible! "me and my PUA friend got here last nite at 1am (cuz i had to work) and we hit up the bars right away."...
  3. K

    Nishbuk and Deezy's 100 approach challenge - REDUX!

    "I got kicked out of CC another time" Hey! Sorry for not giving much news.. i have been quite out of business even if i still go out sometimes. There is really a problem if you get kicked out... unless the staff are retarded enough to push you out just for talking to girls! Where you dead...
  4. K

    Nishbuk and Dee-zy's 100 approaches versus challenge!!!

    Nice to see you going. Dont underestimate the power of fluff and stalling moment! ps: It's up to you, but i would personnaly not publish the name of place i'm going to...
  5. K

    montreal wingmen?

    "I live downtown and so does nishbuk" These guys are real and really cool to hang with! Take on the offer to meet them. There is also the lair that is an awesome way to meet other guys from Montreal interessed in seduction.
  6. K

    Too used to being alone, hard to change

    I dont agree. Learning from failure is part of the process.. it should not be a goal in itself. This guy has access to all he need to have a first great and meaningfull relationship. That was my experience anyway.
  7. K

    Too used to being alone, hard to change

    Eh! It's been a long time i didnt posted here! When i first discovered Sosuave, i was 27 virgin, no LTR, very few friends (one long time and a few from work)... i was enjoying solitary activities like reading, drawing, computer... and well masturbation! ah! ah! ;) I had to hit an...
  8. K

    www.seducingwomen101.com - WTF???

    "The only thought put into the core concepts of this site, came from guys trying to SELL something to us. Doc Love and his challenge business, David D, Ross...this people ALL developed ridiculous concepts." Ah! Ah! Ah! What are you talking about? Everybody can subscribe to the DeAngelo...
  9. K

    Post Ur ****Y/FUNNY!

    Most of the time, i improvise but this time it was almost textbook exemple.. I'll skip the details even if it is funny but there it goes: "Dont touch me, it will be 30$" she touche me again... "60$" again.. "90$" again "120$" She hit me hard and tell me "i owe you...
  10. K

    ULTIMATE Dance Floor Guide

    I would add these few things to your guide even if it is more side-dance floor technique (general club tactics) and somewhat passive. At least, it's field tested (i go out alone often)! I got approched many times with that "technique" (+ kiss close and full close) and dont think i am that good...
  11. K

    Ban Elite Womanizer

    I still believe EliteWomaniser_NN to be the reincarnation/alter ego of Bashful, Wjboogy, Struggling: It would be worthless to ban him as he would keep, on his own word, coming back... But for those who think that there is NO reason to ban him, have a look at his answer in "Any backfires...
  12. K

    Being A Challenge when it comes to SEX

    You have to be a sexual beeing yet not being controled by your sexuality: That's essential pookiness. For having experienced it in my life, i know that Holding back sex (not beeing pushy) is very powerfull, especially if you want to build tension in the first stage of any relation. But i...
  13. K

    A Real DJ Smiles

    There is nothing more sexy than a genuine smile! I noticed that girl react intensely to the a special combo eye contact/smile that is similar to a kid that have done something bad yet funny. Say by exemple, you tied the shoes laces of someone at the door in secret: You cant laugh openly...
  14. K

    This NEW discussion forum sucks !

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would remove the "views counter" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I AGREE! We dont want this feature to encourage troll or other "attention *****"...
  15. K

    Tip #2: Confidence

    2. Get a job. Preferably a job that involves a lot of communication with other people so that you can develop your people-skills. ----- I like this tip, as Confidence building is my current goal. Doing most of what is written in the tip, i can tell that it works.. DAMN it works.. so well! I...
  16. K

    Misc comments about new board.

    I have only one comment for now: 1. Color sheme: From what i have read in annoncement, it's not the definitive one: Definitively too much white in the border of the box of messages (not sure how to name that), wich create a too big contrast... I already feel my eyes burning! Otherwise, i...
  17. K

    Just saying goodbye to you guys

    Sosouave has become a little too obsessed with getting women, that is not the purpose of this site fundementally. It is to improve your life so that you live how you want and then enjoy all the women who love you for loving life. In case someone forgot that. ---------------- You try to write...
  18. K

    Question about vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)

    You dont have to convince me about the oil.. tea tree oil was working fine.. but the smell is too strong... Dont even think to sleep with a girl with that on your face...! Ironicaly, even with a oily skin, i always had dry skin problem especially in winter... That's why benoxyl was no more a...
  19. K

    Cumbersome Pics in Sigs

    There was a board of girl talked about here a few month ago where you saw one line answer with HUGE pics... Pages and pages for thread with almost nothing to read. Just the same cute pics again and again. It is just like talking to someone that would always begin his answer by: "my name is...
  20. K

    Question about vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)

    Another update... Great improvement with Zinc and Tea tree oil (doesnt burn skin benoxyl but smell too strong.) but i was still having problem where hair grow (beard near the mouth and jaw): I even stop shaving thinking it will help the skin relax and it was worse. I finaly was able to find B5...