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    Smith machines

    I use the Smith machine for squats. I like it because it eases the pressure on my back. I add the weight I want, position the bar, unhook the locks, and squat. When I get done, I lock it back up with the hooks and wait for the next set.
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    Body Hair

    Probably because all they see in magazines and movies are guys with waxed bodies and think that every guy should look like that to be their "ideal" guy. Anyway, I have thick hair, and I trim everything except my arms. I only trim the pubes short because if I trimmed everything else short...
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    Neck hair

    Hey Rashad I usually go in a light, circular motion just a couple of times in each area. I also find that there's a sweet spot on the razor that doesn't cause as much burn. My trouble spots are on the side, which I can see in the mirror. So, when I get done, I take a look, and if I see any wild...
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    Neck hair

    I shave my neck with an eletric razor (also has a trimming thingy for detailing) every 4 days. I grab a mirror in one hand to look at the reflection of my neck on the bathroom mirror, and I start shaving carefully. Even though I get razor burn, I just load on the moisturizing lotion, and deal...
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    Blush :-/

    I blush all the time... it runs in my family. I don't know of anything to do about it, but I've learned to use it to my advantage. Most girls think it's cute, which opens the door for some flirting to start.
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    dry skin or zits

    Dermatologists perscribed certain products for certain skin types for a reason. Retin-A is not for you if you are having a reaction to it. Go see a dermatologist if you are really interested in clearing up your skin.
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    dry skin or zits

    Try Cetaphil moisturizing cream for the dry skin.
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    What Can I Do?

    6 months ago, I noticed a fat guy come to the gym with a buddy of his. Everytime I was there, he was there, working his ass off. Now, 6 months later, he looks like he shed off another person, and he's still working his ass off. I (and others) have a lot of respect for this guy because he stuck...
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    How many days a week do you lift?

    I lift 3 days a week.
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    attention please allen and all:)

    Penkitten, Were condoms involved at the time you got the STD?
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    attention please allen and all:)

    Thanks penkitten for the information. By the way, I didn't mean to add the word "infection". Oops
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    attention please allen and all:)

    Hey penkitten, I have a question because I know you have looked into STD's in depth. Say you meet someone who hasn't seen any signs of a possible STD infection (no symptoms), but they have it and don't know it. Will a clinic testing for STDs pick up on the infection even if the symptoms haven't...
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    What Are You Guys Thinking?

    Hey Gipper! I usually date one girl at a time, but I’m not against dating more than one. I do agree that dating more than one girl can “weed out” the flaky ones, but sometimes that can be done through initial conversation. Another good point about dating more than one girl is to teach an AFC...
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    Double her interest level with one kiss...

    Hey Wyldfire! I have a couple of questions for you… First of all, I’ve done this many times, but a couple of questions have just come to my mind: 1. How effective would this be for a 2nd date/ 1st kiss type of situation? Say after going out and having a lot of fun, and the moment feels right…...
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    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    Lucky Brand "Lucky You" is my choice...not too strong, not too light...it's just right ~Classic
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    Pull up your seats,boys, the master is speaking....

    I swear I've read this post everyday since BJB posted it. Thanks BJB for the excellent posts!
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    College students - Wanna be surrounded by the ladies?

    True! Before college, I took martial arts for a number of years, and I have seen many fine ladies of all ages take karate. (And I’ve seen couples of all ages form by meeting each other in the classes) Plus, martial arts will raise your self-confidence (I know it did for me). Having a “martial...
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    College students - Wanna be surrounded by the ladies?

    For the college student… Wanna be surrounded by all the ladies? Take a Self-Defense class! I was in an advanced karate class last semester, and the Self-Defense class that was after mine had about 40 people in it; and the ladies made up about 95% of the class! These women are energetic and...