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    I've Run Out of Fun Stuff to do with GF...

    Dont you kids have friends? Theres gotta be something you can do with a group of friends. Bonfires are always fun. Mini golf? Museums? Im sure there is something interesting where you live that you can find to do.
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    Upstate New York Area

    Where in upstate are you talking about?
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    Wanted: Advice from Barefoot Runners

    Ive been a runner since HS with some layoffs from time to time. It was always my understanding that running barefoot wasnt to be done for an axtended period of time. For us it was always for a short, no more than a half mile on grass cool down after a cross country race, or to just do a few...
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    Bags under eyes

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has tried eye cream for bugs under their eyes. And if so how good/bad has it worked. I get enough sleep but cant seem to get rid of the bags under my eyes. Just thought somebody out there might have some advice. Thanks
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    Registering College Classes

    It all depends on the school. Some you have to meet with you advisor and they discuss your courses with you and do it right online. Others just have you pick up some sort of like code# to do it online. Others have you fill out a piece of paper and actually hand it in to the Registrar. It all...
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    Considering changing my Major?!?!

    All right fellow DJs I seemed to have reached a crossroads in my life. Im about to start my senior year of college. I have an AS in Business Admin, and am working towards my BS in Bus Admin with concentrations in Marketing/ITM. However, since the end of spring semester I keep feeling like Im...
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    You just have to do a global search with the persons name click on them and then request to be friends with them. What school are you at?
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    Recommended Books for DJs?

    The Way You Wear Your Hat and the Lost Art of Livin' Bill Zehme This book is all about Frank Sinatra. It really goes into alot of his attitude and beliefs. Some advice may sound AFC and contradictory to this board but its still a great book. Its probably more useful in learning about...
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    Part-time business ideas?

    Theres plenty of oppurtunity out there! Can you do minor construction or landscaping or even painting? Always money there. What about your current job can you find a way to make more money doing what your already doing? Take a look at your interests and hobbies and see if there is something...
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    Question concerning credit

    I have two checking accounts from two different banks open currently. One is solely for school and I just use the debit card for the ATM and the occasional purchase. The other is from back home with a savings account attached as well. If I can cancel both accounts I have now and open a new...
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    So me and the gf decided to get tested the other day. We both got calls back today saying were positive for Chlamydia. I dont know who gave it to who. But now with thanksgiving break we cant get back to to get medicine till monday. Im not as worried as she is cause I think everything will...
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    Millionaire tip of the day- The definition of "LOSER"

    Guys I cant agree more with you. I just recently had the privalege of hearing Dr William Danko, co author of The Millionare Next Door speak at my university. Actually hes a professor and I should have a class with him next semester. During his presentation he emphasized that fininacial...
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    Rough times at college

    Bro all you gotta say is yo whats up man Im so and so. Ask them whats good for the night. Its not rocket science just be cool with them.
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    Fake ID's

    I have two drivers licenses.....I thought I lost one and found it after I applied for a new one. In New York it is a felony to have a fake id of any kind. But one of mine has an ok chalk job on and with a a college id in a college town you can get into a seedier bar no problem.
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    The Don Juan Survival Kit

    A nice pen. Not a little stic pen but I nice pen that says Im important and Im somebody.
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    NY Capital Region

    Needed--- Im gonna come in a transfer from SUNY Ulster. Should pretty much be full junior status give or take some credits. Im almost positive Ill wind up on the downtown campus. Which happens to be right next to St. Rose. ;) But just let me know where your at and well hit the bars and...
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    NY Capital Region

    I will be at UAlbany Fall 05. I already got a St Rose chic but I plan on having several from them many colleges in Albany. If you guys wanna meet up sometime Im down for that.
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    College interview tomorrow, any quick tips?

    Is a college interview really necessary? Im a transfer from a community college as well and I applied and was accepted to 7 of 7 schools. None of which required I have an interview or even write an essay. My best advice would be dress well and be prepared for why you want to attend the...
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    Any readers out there??

    what about The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald? 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell are also great.
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    Club tonight

    I dont need to be intoxicated to get p4ssy. Im going out with my boys tonight and were gonna have a good time. I could be sober and get p4ssy. As for not being able to get it up, thats never been a problem.