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    The Main Event: DJ's vs. Rules Girls!

    From Karina Rollins - National Review Forget women's lib and welcome to the 1950s. . . . The sad fact is that we live in a society so unmoored from basic assumptions about proper behavior that women need to be told not only to avoid talking with strangers about intimate subjects like their...
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    The Main Event: DJ's vs. Rules Girls!

    The key, I think, is that once you have ascertained that she's a Rules gal, you know that she has a high Interest Level in you. If she continues to follow the Rules to the tee, she will continue to be a challenge to you and if you practise your DJ techniques, you'll be a challenge to her...
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    An Important Part of a LTR: Friendship

    Good post, VeryBadGirl! You: In a good relationship, there should be thrills, romance, excitement, intellectual conversations, tingling sensations, crazy sex, wild passion and deep desire. Me: So very true. To make an LTR last, you need to maintain the mystery and challenge aspect of your DJ...
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    Sharing 25 years of dating wisdom...

    Wyldfire: I've known gorgeous men who have slept with nasty women just because they were horny and couldn't get anything better right then. Women won't do that. Me: Wyldfire's statements run contrary to what the popular women's magazines out there say about women placing a man's looks low...
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    Compatibility in an LTR

    For most DJs, sooner or later, they're going to consider an LTR. In a short term relationship, physical attraction is all that matters; if her attitude stinks or if she's clingy, you can easily NEXT her. In an LTR, a DJ has to determine if the chick he's considering marrying and becoming the...
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    What's past is past

    There's one of many major things that turns a girl off on a date and that is the guy whining about his past. Sure, he may have been: - sexually molested by an uncle when he was 8 years, - victimized by schoolyard and workplace bullies, - a pimple faced teenager and didn't go to the senior...
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    Everything You Need To Know!

    De La Soul, the enormous time and effort you took in compiling this wealth of essential DJ information for the Newbies will not only accelerate the Newbies' growth, but will be a valuable reference guide for DJ principles and techniques. As a more seasoned DJ, I salute you and say "Merci, thank...
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    "Professional Dater": a definition

    Professional daters are akin to (bored) married people who frequent singles chat rooms. They know they can play the chatters so far until the chat regulars finally catch on and they have to move onto the next chat room. Professional daters will lead the poor AFC sap (not a true DJ) on with the...
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    Getting Lazy in Relationships

    Both men and women put forth their best face when they're dating each other. At that stage of the game, either one of them is free to sever the relationship (without financial cost: unlike a messy divorce) and hook up with another person. There are doubts, uncertainty and a certain amount of...
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    For all you angry and bitter guys....

    Nice post, Jester! I agree with you that the past is behind us. It's water under the bridge now. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life (which may end this night). No regrets, just move on with your DJ life.
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    What Are You Guys Thinking?

    Gipper, Don the Legend and all. I haven't been online much the past month or so because I had been concentrating on my relationships with two women and devoting all my energies DJing them. Life is wonderful for me so far. Being a DJ has garnered me more respect from women than in my AFC days...
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    What Are You Guys Thinking?

    Hey Gipper! Great to see you! While growing up, most of us dudes were conditioned by society and the movies to seek that "special" gal who would wow us and that we would marry and settle down to a life of bliss. This brainwashing has ordered the way we date girls. We're always looking for...
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    Get some books about sex and massage technique.

    Turbobird, I was serious when I suggested that you submit your groovy tip to the DJ Tip of the Week. E-mail it to: djnewslet@aol.com
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    Get some books about sex and massage technique.

    Turbobird, you ought to submit this gem of a tip to the DJ Tip of the Week. Bravo!
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    Conversation To Her Heart

    A Turle Name Adrian, thanks for your contribution! Nice post with chock full of good tips concerning conversing with girls. We talk with ease with our male buddies. If we could have the same comfort and ease when talking to a hot babe, life as a DJ would be a cake walk.
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    Fresh Sweat ... Mm, mm, manly!

    Yes, many thanks to Rebel Leader for this great hygiene tip! By the way, if you want a double benefit, use the loofah sponge with a body wash/shower gel that has: (1) an exfoliating feature and (2) a moisturizer. After the sponge and gel have gotten rid of the dead skin, the moisturizer will...
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    Be the best DJ you possibly can

    Oops! Faun, you have a keen eye! I just added the "not". Thanks!
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    Memorize This Phrase and Make It a Part of You

    Bravo, Giovanni Casanova, bravo!
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    Question for DJs aged 35+

    Just think, Ms Wyldfire, if you would drastically reduce that fat but* of yours, how much younger you would look even. But, I suppose you need to keep your as* that way in order to counterbalance those humongous mel*ns of yours.
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    Fresh Sweat ... Mm, mm, manly!

    To Ms Rebel Leader: Kudos to you for posting such a very important thread! We males think that showering twice a day with a body shower gel or a deordorant soap would make our body smell fresh, but we may be emitting body stench nevertheless due to the dead skin cells breeding bacteria. Being...