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    Do you know who this is???

    Damn!!!! I got lots of great responses to my question. Thanks guys.. A lot of the answers i got will help me out alot. A few were funny in which I will use, and some were helpfull. The answering machine only works sometimes. I always keep my answering machine on from now on, but on...
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    Do you know who this is???

    Damn, am I glad i'm not the only one experiencing this crap. I could see if your only dating two girls and you can tell the voice apart, but when your dating more than one, shyt they all sound the same at first. I do like the the response regarding "why don't you fill me in" its better...
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    Do you know who this is???

    What's up guys.... Got a problem here. I'm currently dating 5 girls, 3 who I date on and off, and 2 new girls I just met and been talking to. The problem that I have is that when they call they have a habit of saying "Hi, its me, do you know who it is?" At first, if I don't recognize...
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    how do I tell a girl I want to f*** her without telling her I want to f*** her?

    Instead of want to F**k, trying saying "Wanna Bang?" Works for me!!!:D
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    Should I respond to the ex's email?

    What's up guys.... Need your opinions on something. I've been broken up with the ex whom I was with for 10 years and we broke up a year ago. I still see her every now and then at the gym, but we really don't talk since I don't feel the need to. I admit every once in a while I think about...
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    Dealing with a shy girl

    What's up guys, Here's a little update on our last date. Wen't out for dinner and at first she started the same deal with acting quiet and shy. But as I conversated with her she became more comfortable and actually began telling me some stories about her vacation and family. I felt like...
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    Dealing with a shy girl

    Good responses guys....Thanks. The last couple of days she's been calling me up and the convo has been O.K. I've tried some of the questions you guys posted and went the route. I did get her to talk a little bit more. As far as personal contact she's very attentive to me and...
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    Dealing with a shy girl

    What's up guys.... Got an issue here. I met this girl about a month ago and she's so far has shown to be a girl with good values, and to top that off awsome looks, body and all. She so far has shown high level of interest in me and is constantly asking to want to see me since she lives 45...
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    Advice Needed

    I never did that journal/diary thing you mentioned. But after browsing through other replies from other posts, I noticed you posted a reply regarding a book you wrote about your experiences with all types of girls and how you did with them and where you f**ked up. Sounds like a good idea...
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    Advice Needed

    You know what RKTek, Your right...... Thanks for analizing this for me. Sometimes it takes someones else's point of view to help me realize my mistakes. I guess I was just too happy I could've possibly have found "The One". I'll give her 3 months like you said for her to prove herself to me...
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    Advice Needed

    What's up guy's, Got a small problem here. I've been hooking up with lots of girls every weekend when I go out, but most of them have been girls who I would just date and bang if given the opportunity to. For the past three weeks I've been talking to this girl over the phone and she seems...
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    How long did it take you to get a chick into bed?

    It all depends on the girl. I've been with one which only took me 45 minutes. Another took me two dates. And the one i'm currently dating for a month now haven't given it up. Each one got their own excitement to it. The 45 minute girl, was the freakiest bit*h of all. A true nympho. A...
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    Sir_Chancealot's Definitive Neg-Hit Post

    I loved your post!!!! Definately helps break the ice with them snobby bitc*es. I tried a few and i must admit they really work. Thanks man... You just helped me improve my DJ Skills.
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #2

    Week #2 assignments was not too bad. Had some girls that kept it short at first but as I improved my skills I found myself conversating a bit longer each time. Some acted like snobs at first but I was able to pass that barrier and make them feel comfortable talking to me. If anyone else is...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Course Description (class is now in session)

    What's up Don Juaner's, it's Daddy!!! And i'm definately going to give it hell during the DJ Boot Camp. Its a great idea and i'm definately recommending it to some of my buddies. I'm a little late in registering, but I can catch up quick. As for the introduction: I'm 27 yrs. old, live in...