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    lets have a dj section for dj's over 23 so we can have good, mature, deep discussions

    You'd have the same problem the Main forum does now, lots of repeditive posts from younger people in your new forum unless of course it was zelously policed. [This message has been edited by KnightErrant (edited 10-07-2002).]
  2. K

    Sticky Posts

    I rest my case..
  3. K

    Sticky Posts

    Just a suggestion, does your forum support sticky posts that stay at the top ? For info notices like: Read The Bible or Use Search First! or Read The Bible or Use Search First! or Read The Bible or Use Search First! One other point can the search link be turned into a image and made larger, and...
  4. K

    How to dress to Impress 101

    I just have to reply to this. Bull****. My mate is ugly as sin, Balding, goatee, and extremely overweight. 2 months ago we rock up to a formal suit & tie evening, one problem, he though it was fancy dress/formal...it wasn't. So he's wearin' a neon yellow spandex 1 piece dr spock suit We walk...
  5. K

    Do English girls need to be Dj'd differently?

    Just curious how many of you English guys who having trouble with approaches are trying to do this in london, or other big cities ?
  6. K

    Cultivate feelings of attraction & desire, not feelings of obligation

    Interesting that this one should pop up today It reads very similar to my C&B today. A point I forgot, seduce don't obligate...
  7. K

    Meaning Of Life Stuff

    Glad your still around Nine Breaker your posts always make a lot of sense.
  8. K

    IDEAL Technique to Pick Up Girls in the Gym!!

    I'd have to agree, I get hit on at the gym probably because i'm one of the few physically fit males there(it's a small gym + I work odd hours so I get the older ladies and students. This is what happened to me yesterday, I found it kinda funny. I'm rowing at one end of the gym a bank of...
  9. K

    Creating a Mouthpiece (a girl who will talk nothing but good things about you)

    Yes reputation is god. but there is one rule you should always follow.. which is: Never, ever piss off the loud mouthed fat chick. She will make your life a living hell and your rep will go down the drain.
  10. K

    Female Disrespect - "Hey, Watch It"

    There is this girl at work that basically runs rings round me, She is very attractive She has a very sharp tounge Is supremely confident. I'm 100% certain she's a player We are talking Ulimate female DJ here. She the sort that can say 7 words to you and you think your in love, the kicker is I...
  11. K

    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Just a Bump
  12. K

    DJ Boot Camp - Week #3

  13. K

    Observe cats

    Where's that old quote post of mine... Women are like cats. The more you want to pet one the greater the chance she'll run away. And if you just flop on a couch, open a newspaper, perhaps turn on the television, and the cat knows you're there, is comfortable with you around, you never know when...
  14. K

    DJ Boot Camp - Week #3

    Way behind on the DJ bootcamp but perservering in week3 with 2 convo with hot dateable women down. Started new job spoke to 2 hb's that work in the typing pool, chatted up one of the serving girls at a cafe. Spoke to a group of girls (3) about dancing and showed them a few moves Spoke to 1...
  15. K

    Raise Her Interest in You!

    This one is good, going in _my_ bible. But what about 6b. Take an interest in people. Take sincere compassionate interest in people take time to talk to people you wouldn't normally glance twice at. Such as talking to that busboy at the station. Saying Hi the old lady at the bustop as you...
  16. K

    Decades of Experience All In One Post

    How the heck did I miss this post Gold! And so very very true.
  17. K

    DJ Boot Camp - Week #2

    EDIT: Update Week2 Completed! I might combine weeks 2 & 3 if I can get up a enough nerve don't wanna get left behind ------------------ I don't believe in rejection. I've never been rejected. I've only discovered if a woman has good taste or is open to playing. If a woman rejects you it...
  18. K

    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Better late than never. I've been lurking on this site for a while finally decided to give the boot camp a go! Started today made smiling eye contact with 8 people got 2 smiles back Said hi to 12 strangers, boy did i get some weird looks! Chickened out of saying hi to a HB, sigh. Still...I...