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    Protecting Assets in Case of Divorce

    By having a pre- or post-nuptial agreement.
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    Why are you hanging around her to begin with? Why were you both in a position to "confess" that you still love each other? But, to your question, it's as simple as you're just not authentically confident. Holding a "frame" is a matter of pretending you're confident, which you can do with new...
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    Sex Drive is LOW and CRAMPING LEGS

    So is the expectation that you have sex most waking moments when you're together? That's likely not sustainable. Did you just rekindle? If so this is probably temporary, in which case, enjoy while you can. If your legs are cramping because you're in an uncomfortable position for too long...
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    An Update on Me (If you care)

    I didn't know I was effectively moving out when I was asked to leave. I thought my ex lost her mind a bit and needed a couple days, not that she wanted a divorce. I finally forced the issue, it was weeks of her not being able to tell me what was going on or why or what. It was a difficult time...
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    An Update on Me (If you care)

    That's true, I think if there's one thing I would do differently next time is maybe slow it down a bit and strike up more of a conversation first, to build that comfort, before attempting the # close. But I'm still content that I even tried. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Dating efficiency and cost management

    I'm using OLD as a backup plan. I'm working on a few things on myself post-divorce, but I have had bad experiences with OLD. Ideally I want quality over quantity plates, it's just more my speed and I'm finding that the fear of in-person rejection is still something I want to be better at dealing...
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    An Update on Me (If you care)

    So long story short, I'm divorced a full 3 months now. My divorce/separation journey began about a year ago when my ex asked me to leave our home. I have a 3.5 month old son who is my heart and soul and a constant reminder about what is most important. About 6 months or so ago I started to...
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    Seated Speed Dating

    Yes it's true that you are allowed to have emotions if something doesn't go your way, but you need to exercise mastery over those emotions. You control them, not the other way around. Maybe they do agree, but agreement does not necessarily equal reality. Consider for a moment the possibility...
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    Seated Speed Dating

    One thing he can do is reflect on what he could have done differently. I see nothing in his post that reflects any introspection, it's just talking about how women suck. What about his inability to filter garbage out and invest his energy on better targets? There's a lot to be said for charm...
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    Seated Speed Dating

    In both your celebrity examples those guys had drug and alcohol problems. And it's not like the women they were dating were pigs, they had other options too. My point is that you play a role in this, regardless of whether you understand it. Disqualifying all women by saying they're all stupid...
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    Getting wife to dress more slutty and accentuate tits/ass

    Or we just have different preferences... Wearing hot outfits is not something that I would be happy with if she would only wear that within my property line, but that's my preference. What matters is aligning preferences and having the wherewithal to assure they're aligned, and making tough...
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    Seated Speed Dating

    Maybe you just suck? Most great women aren't going to ghost great guys. You probably set off an alarm. No offense man but the idea that you would disqualify all other women because of one bad experience, one you might have played a significant role in sabotaging, is only going to turn you more...
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    What would you do?

    This sounds like a great opportunity. Treat her "normal" and she'll love you for it. She's not fragile, she wants to be normal and not treated differently. I would even go so far as to joke with her about which eye she prefers you make eye contact with or that you weren't really into hand-jobs...
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    Getting wife to dress more slutty and accentuate tits/ass

    This says very little if nothing about your personality. This is incredibly modest.
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    Getting wife to dress more slutty and accentuate tits/ass

    It's hard to say. I know that sounds weird, but I find it difficult to accept the term "reserved." Here's what I mean, I don't believe it was just that she had a somewhat modest style and just disagreed with my style chouices. The issue was much deeper than that and I think there was an...
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    Anyone ever get tired of starting over again and again?

    I'm hopeful that when I am open to any sort of LTR that I won't allow myself to settle. That's really my only goal right now, just feeling like that person is actually right for me and being confident with the decision. If I'm not settling in terms of what I think is really important, then...
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    Getting wife to dress more slutty and accentuate tits/ass

    I actually disagree with some of the reasons you stated in your earlier point, and here a bit, about props from other guys and how part of this was motivated by recognition from other men. I had no interest for what other guys thought about my wife one way or another. It was very much for me...
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    Getting wife to dress more slutty and accentuate tits/ass

    This issue brewed in my marriage for years, and is essentially the reason we got a divorce. I live in a place where I can walk around and see women wearing things I like dozens of times a day, and my wife wouldn't. There's a lot more here, and I definitely gave it a good effort, but ultimately...
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    Evolution Of "Game" Prosperity...or "No Game At All"

    I think 15 and 16 are much more complex than you state, and go beyond just being able to attract women and get something fun or meaningful out of them. You then think about "what next?" And about how your silly monkey sex urge can take you away from doing things that were more productive to...
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    valentines day

    You don't have to buy sh1t if you don't set a precedent.