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    Is this an Alpha pose? (Pic attached)

    Dude that is not a good pose. What the hell. You got nostrils. Nostrils I tell ya. Damn quit flaring. Lose the planet of the apes look. And thrown that suit away. I think you are the type of guy who would prosper in the anti-society, punk realm. **** the corporacry.
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    Fat chicks vs. Short guys

    Hey so there is this thread about the fat girl dating show. And it's obvious. Most guys despise fat chicks. And I had an idea about a show for chicks dating short guys. LOL I'm 5'6" and a short m.f. Most chicks in this town seem taller than me. Alright. Whatever. There are many that...
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    How long can you go without masturbating?

    This is like fasting only a lot worse.
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    I watched that fat girl dating show...

    Hahahaha. I wanna see the dating a short guy show:D
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    The Innocent WH0RE!!!

    Scissoring is god's gift to mankind.
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    Article about polyamory

    Yeah there's something wrong about the article..but not the concept. How would you feel if I was to say I was Terisa's lover and I told her outright that I would have my own harem and she agreed? Basically we each had our own sexually rich lives? That's an academic question only, something...
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    "That <food> is boring"

    Alright so the great American Mystery in our day and age seems to be why are we so fat?? I'm sure we could fill pages with reasons. I started intermittently fasting in the past couple of months. At the risk of sounding like a cheap pitchman, I won't name any names. But let me just...
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    "Are you stalking me?" WTF!

    Don't utter another word to her other than the cursory hello if you cross her path. Stop going out of your way for her. Are you stalking me?, it's just girltalk for leave me alone. She knows you're not stalking her but that is feminine subtlety at play.
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    Steve McNair/Girlfriend's Shooting Homicide/Suicide

    She came from Iran and grew up in a violent, war-torn environment. She was dealing with some major league baggage that most of us can't relate to. By virtue of her childhood she was a loose cannon. She was easy pickings for McNair. Once you start making life-altering promises to young...
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    Do you fear getting into a relationship with a tranny?

    I'm such a disgusting horn dog, no, it doesn't bother me. I wouldn't go out of my way to find one, but if I found out later that I stuck my dyck in a surgical scar and it felt OK, whatever. If you invest something of yourself, of your trust, in each phuck, of course you'll feel betrayed...
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    Why can't mothers stay slim like in the old days?

    On the one hand, I agree with you Mature. On the other I think you are being incredibly disingenuous singling mothers out. Look at everyone else in that picture. Show me a family unit nowadays that looks that slender...especially a large family unit. Seems that outside of Mormons, size of...
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    The Beauty Myth

    I can proudly say I have phucked just about anything (legal, I should note). I'm a man, damnit, I phuck. I'm not some catwalk judging pu$$y high-maintenance boy who is afraid of the slightest flaw or imperfection. Of course I have my preferences and I'm not deluding myself with the...
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    Not getting IOIs

    Good subject. For better or for worse, many of us use IOI's as a yardstick by which to measure our own physical self-worth. Bullshyt, I know, and a terrible way to interact with the world. But it is what it is. I've noticed that those periods in which I'm able to distance myself from this...
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    What do you think about these women?

    Unfortunately I've come to believe, with great certitude, that success in the business/corporate world in modern times has zero correlation with success as a human being and level of masculinity.
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    Why do girls give numbers when they are not interested?

    Not until a chick gives it up to you, and not until then, can you assume anything. Like the guys have said here, women will literally go out of their way to lead you into thinking you have a chance only to suddenly retreat when you follow up. It's attention *****dom, it's lack of character...
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    Why Are Some People More Ambition Than Others?

    John Taylor, this is an excellent subject man. It is a question, an elemental what-if that is a preamble to all this Don Juan dogma. What is ambition? How does a man define his life and how does he explain its boundaries? What defines "success" and better yet, who defines success? If...
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    My Hubby is one of you, so plz explain.

    You guys are allegedly married and he's spinning plates?? :crackup: Well gee where to start....
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    No Gym...what to do?

    Hey EFFORT, point well-taken. After reading some of the "I want to be..." threads here, I completely see where you are coming from :o
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    Why do women text you for stupid reasons?

    I'm way ahead of the curve on this (or is it way behind?)...I canceled my texting plan. Hell if I'm going to be slave to a phone.
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    The Real Cause of the Pussified Modern Man?

    Two words: Industrial Revolution.